Red Buns Again

As promised, I set up the spanking bench and “invited” Lion to mount it. He asked if I was going to strap him down. I haven’t been. Part of me thinks he should have the discipline to stay still. Part of me knows I’d probably rip the bench apart even if I were strapped down if someone was beating on me.

We have two straps that I’ve used. They are both essentially belts. The larger one has always been too big, and the smaller one didn’t go all the way around him and the bench. Since he’s lost weight, I knew I couldn’t use the big one. So, I cinched up the smaller one around his waist. By the time we were done, he’d wiggled so much, it was loose.

I can’t say I blame him. He was pretty red when I stopped. Of course, some of that was blood transferred by the paddle. He really only had two little bloody patches. He just tends to bleed heavily when I swat him. Go figure. I bring all the blood to the surface and then I’m shocked when he bleeds.

I took some pictures of his swatted butt and he said they looked horrible. Not in the sense that they were bad pictures, but there was a lot of red. I had to remind him it was transfer. I probably should have cleaned him off before I took the pictures.

He has not said a peep about his buns hurting while sitting in his desk chair. He’s been busy with his radio. I’ve been busy with work. I was going to send him an email this morning but I forgot. Too much on my plate, I guess. Plus, my inbox is a mess. Not my work email. My personal email has thousands of emails. I clean them up, and tons more come in. I’ll just have to be more diligent about looking for emails from Lion. Does that mean his rule of emailing me before noon is back in effect? I guess it does.

[Lion — My butt didn’t hurt at all after the spanking. I don’t know why, but I guess it means she has to be meaner. I’ll set up a new email account just for our emails. That will make things easier for her.]

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