Mrs. Lion tried to get me off last night. I got closer but didn’t quite get there. After a long oral effort, she was exhausted and I was panting but nowhere near the edge. I wasn’t particularly hard, she reported. I felt like I had an erection. Odd.

This suggests that I need to increase the cabergoline dosage to 5 mg. My next dose is today (Saturday). Maybe the larger dose will do the trick. I’ll also do a Trimix injection. The combination may finally bring relief. It’s been 78 days since my last orgasm. That’s the longest I’ve gone without ejaculating since I was eleven years old. While we’re on the subject of statistics, our diets are showing very good results. I am just two pounds away from the weight my doctor thinks I should maintain. I disagree. I still have a little pot belly. I plan to lose at least another twelve pounds before I consider stopping the diet.

I can’t say that we are eating better, just less. We are almost out of our Nutrisystem food. We both are thoroughly tired of their cuisine. Mrs. Lion will have to do some real cooking now. We’ll both have to be very careful of portion control. That’s the secret of our weight loss. I hope we can add more veggies and salads to our diets. It’s extra trouble to prepare, but ultimately way better for our health.

We’re both developing more consciousness of what we eat. Mrs. Lion may also be returning to her disciplinary mode. As of today (Friday), it’s been four days since she spanked me. I’m not sure if she wants or needs me to remind her, but I know I’m due. Our domestic discipline is right up there with diet and sex in terms of importance for us. I may understand why that’s true.

We work very well together. Our joint diet is evidence of that. We both like how it feels when we do. Even though domestic discipline seems to be one-directional, with Mrs. Lion holding the reins, it’s a two-way set of transactions that reinforces our bond.

By definition, domestic discipline is interactive with two people closely connected. It requires Mrs. Lion to be constantly aware of what I’m doing (and forgetting to do). I have a very strong incentive–avoiding getting spanked–to be aware of what she expects of me. I know I will be punished if I break a rule or annoy her. If I do, we have a very intimate and meaningful interaction; she spanks me.

Marital spanking is extremely intimate. My bare bottom is offered to her for punishment. She pays close attention to it and to me as she spanks me. It is a very close, if painful, connection. It’s probably this intimacy that attracts us to it. We are both happier when she is strict with me. It isn’t a BDSM,
“Yes, Mistress,” game for us. It’s real punishment. I love that about it.

I never deliberately misbehave to get spanked. That would devalue our disciplinary marriage and make domestic discipline into a game. The spankings have to be real. Mrs. Lion has to decide to spank me when I misbehave. She also spanks me to help keep us in balance. We’ve learned that if more than a week or two passes without her paddle meeting my bottom, we lose focus and drift apart.

Each spanking, regardless of the reason for it, reminds us to pay attention to one another. It underlines our commitment to one another. It also improves my behavior. There’s nothing like sitting on a sore bottom to focus my attention on doing what I should. Mrs. Lion also seems to benefit. If she spanks me frequently, she’s much more focused on me.

It’s just the way we are wired. We’ve discovered ways to help us stay close and happy. Would we fail if Mrs. Lion didn’t spank me? I think we would be just as in love. I wouldn’t be as happy. I don’t know if she will agree, but I think she would be less happy too.

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