It doesn’t appear that Lion’s horny pills are working yet. He does feel hornier, I think. But he’s not getting anywhere near an orgasm. Last night we tried the combination of boner juice and horny pill. He got hard and horny, but it stopped in the middle again. The horniness, not the erection. I don’t want to say it won’t work. It was only his second dose of the magic horny pills. Maybe it takes a bit to get his body used to them. I know he said there’s no “learning curve,” but it stands to reason it will take more than two doses to get things going.

If memory serves, he can’t do another boner shot until tomorrow, and he can’t take another horny pill until Wednesday. Does that mean we wait until Wednesday to do the combo again? It seems silly to waste the boner shot if he’s not going to have an orgasm. On the other hand, maybe the horny pill will suddenly start working. It’s difficult to know what to do.

I do know that we’re not giving up. At the very least, I’ll give him another spanking today. Yes, I know I promised to spank him more often. I’m falling down on the job. Of course, I could argue that any spanking I give him is “more often” than no spanking at all, which is what he was getting before. And he probably deserves a punishment spanking because he’s been annoying me lately. What has he done? Nothing specific, really. It’s little things here and there that add up. We’ve been fairly snarky with each other lately. My patience has been non-existent. I think it’s all part of not knowing how to offload stress. There are plenty of programs at work that seem hippy-dippy, but maybe hippy-dippy is the way to go.

Good thing I still have the patience for the horny pill/boner juice combo.

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