I am still having a lot of trouble in the orgasm department. I can’t explain it. Everything goes fine for a while, then, my arousal drops off. It’s a strange feeling. If the main source of my ED is psychological, maybe my inability to orgasm also is. Mrs. Lion’s start at a new, stricter domestic discipline regime seems to have helped me get an erection without Trimix. Perhaps the consistent application of her paddles will also fix my inability to ejaculate.

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion tried to get me off. She didn’t spank me. This fits an old pattern where I either get sex or spanked. There’s no rule that says we can’t do both. Mrs. Lion just doesn’t seem able to do two things on the same day. I’ve observed this in the past. I don’t think this is a conscious decision. I think this needs to change if we are going to continue her spanking experiments (“Time for 300 Swats Again?“) and keep trying to get me off.

We are both creatures of habit and have to work consciously to build patterns we want to sustain. We are both very good at falling off the wagon and losing progress we have made. One reason that locking me in a chastity device was helpful was that it forced us to build sexual habits that are still serving us well. Even though I don’t wear a chastity device, there is absolutely no doubt that any sexual release I get comes from Mrs. Lion. We’ve been less successful with discipline.

I’m not saying we haven’t made huge progress in that department. Mrs. Lion has gone from being incapable of making me feel her swats to very skilled at making me yelp and feel the results of a spanking for more than three days. It’s even more impressive that she’s learned to administer severe spankings without causing herself any emotional distress. She may not like beating me, but she certainly doesn’t mind doing it. The remaining hill to climb is remembering to spank me frequently and punish me for any annoyance I give her. If that means daily spankings until the disciplinary habit is formed, then that’s what we should do.

When Mrs. Lion goes into “experiment” mode, she tends to be more creative in how she spanks me. I think she likes trying new techniques. She doesn’t do that when she punishes me. At those times, she sticks to the tried-and-true spanking methods that she knows will maximize my discomfort. If she finds a new technique she likes during an “experiment,” she’ll add it to her punishment repertoire. I suspect she will add her “deep crack” swats to my punishments.

The last time she spanked me, she spread my cheeks wide and applied a paddle right down to my anus. Her swats were mild, but I expect they will get much harder once her confidence builds. She also paid attention to a lot more of my real estate. It felt like she was trying to make every square inch of my bottom equally sore. This required her to lift loose flesh with one hand while hitting with the other.

That spanking felt more deliberate. It wouldn’t be quite correct to say that I liked it better than other spankings. I don’t like any of them. I’m saying that it felt different in a good way, for now. Several years ago, when Mrs. Lion did her “300 swat” experiments, they started out like Tuesday’s. The pain level was medium, and I could feel Mrs. Lion trying new things. Each night, as her experiments progressed, the pain rapidly increased as she applied what she learned with much more force. I expect that her deep crack work will follow that pattern. The big question is whether frequent, escalating spankings will cure my delayed orgasm problem. If they do, I may never sit comfortably again.

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