man with erection about to be spanked

It is Sunday morning. Mrs. Lion is outside mowing the lawn. That’s weird! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we usually get little-to-no rain from July to October. Lawns go dormant and turn a gross brown. This summer, we’ve had a little rain, and the weeds have grown like, well…weeds. So, she’s out in the yard cutting them down. She hates mowing, and, unfortunately, I can’t help.

I was going to try a reduced dose of Trimix last night,  but I fell asleep before and after dinner. I went with Mrs. Lion as we ran errands. I guess it wore me out. If she’s up for it, we can try today. On Thursday, I took a 20mg Cialis pill. I hoped it might work after such a long time without an orgasm. It didn’t.

We continue to lose weight. I can’t remember the last time my weight was this low. I weighed in at 205 lbs. (93 Kg). I’m 6′ 2″, so that isn’t bad. All my extra weight is in my stomach. I still have a little roll, but it’s small enough to let me see my soft penis when I look down. My doctor said my goal should be 200. I disagree and want to get below 190. I’ll do it. Mrs. Lion has lost more weight than me. I’m very proud of her.

I asked Mrs. Lion if she read my last post (“Breaking the Sex Connection“). She said she did, and it never occurred to her that our disciplinary marriage was changed. I can’t tell. My last spanking was ten days ago, and it was a “Just Because” spanking that was very (for Mrs. Lion) mild. It’s hard to believe that I’ve managed to be good for such a long time. Corrections are usually needed every week or two. I suspect that Mrs. Lion isn’t really watching for me to slip up. I’m sure that she’s right that she has no problem using a paddle on my bottom. The issue may be watchfulness. I think we will both benefit if Mrs. Lion looks for more reasons to spank me.

That may sound odd, but in my mind, it makes good sense. First, the act of punishing me is a display of caring and love. Spanking me takes time and work. Catching me also involves focus and attention to me. Both have become part of the language of love that has evolved in our marriage. I hate being spanked, but I love that Mrs. Lion does it to me. It means a lot as an expression of love. The idea of her spanking me turns me on. Just writing about it gets me a little erection. That’s amazing. Maybe a much stricter disciplinary routine will help me sexually.

Perhaps if Mra. Lion talks more about spanking and discipline and actually finds reasons to spank me frequently, it will also help my sexual issue. I’m not going to try to understand the connection, but based on my reaction just writing this post, it seems right. I hope Mrs. Lion will be stricter with me. I anticipate the change and also dread it. Since she works from home, she has me in paddle range 24/7. Maybe she will take advantage of my availability.

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