OK, here’s mine.

My Twitter feed has a bunch of women in the UK that I follow. They often post pictures of themselves. Their nudes feature their bare breasts and bottoms. They almost never show their vaginas. I don’t think this is because they are honoring a belief that Twitter will ban them if they show their genitals. I think it has more to do with how they see themselves.

These same women repost pictures of other women’s breasts and bottoms. They like to add comments like “Sexy” to the repost. It seems that they might not like how their bare vaginas look or, perhaps, don’t think images of them are sexy. These same women often comment that they don’t like strange men sending them pictures of their erections. I can’t blame them for that. Eeew!

The consistency of this practice got me thinking about the way women appear to have a different view of sex. Penises and vaginas are the engines of sex. Breasts and bottoms are visual allures but not naked reminders of what the allure can lead to. I’ve read comments from many women, including Mrs. Lion, that say they like seeing pictures of the hard cocks of men they know. They dislike gratuitous dick pics from strangers.

I like seeing images of naked women that show their genitals. I don’t care if the pussy belongs to a friend or a stranger. Well, that’s not entirely true. I am far more affected by seeing a friend’s naughty bits. Still, I’m always happy to see a stranger too. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I don’t mind showing you my penis.

I never expect a picture of my naughty bits to be an invitation for viewers to have sex with me. I just think it’s fun to share. Plus, it feels sexy and vulnerable to put myself out there. Maybe women think that sending out images of their VJs are invitations to visit in real life. Probably not. I suspect the real issue is that a lot of women don’t like how they look down there. That’s why they are happy to show their erect nipples but not that swollen vulva. Too bad. As a heterosexual male, I can say that I like all of a woman’s body. I love seeing a woman’s arousal. A good self-image includes appreciating every part of the beautiful whole.

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  1. If its any consolation, you have a lot of gay fans that like your cute suckable cock.

    1. Author

      That feels very good to learn. I had no idea I any fans.

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