When I washed the dinner dishes last night, I noticed Lion’s coffee cup wasn’t in the sink. The coffee pot was set up. He’d been in the kitchen. Where was the cup? I could have gone and gotten it so I could wash it, but it’s not my job. Yes, I wound up getting it this morning to wash it. I can’t tell you what the difference is. He was getting spanked no matter when the cup was washed.

There was a comment on my Wimpy Butt post. Julie, of Strict Julie Spanked fame, shared how she spanks her husband. It was similar to what I used to do to Lion. I could read him and know if I could spank harder or if I had to back off. Then the spankings trailed off. By the time I got around to giving him a “just because” spanking, his butt had reverted to its virgin state. Luckily, he missed the coffee cup. [Lion — Lucky for who?]

Lion invited one of his newfound ham radio friends over to help install the ham antenna on Saturday. The house is a wreck. I’ve been doing ham radio stuff for the past few weekends when I wanted to start cleaning. Suddenly, I need to clean in two days. And they aren’t even full days. It’s just whatever I can do after work. Pantry, get ready. A whole bunch of stuff is heading your way.

Despite the whirlwind cleaning, I still want to spank Lion tonight. He did another round of boner juice last night, and I know he’ll want to try again soon. I don’t want to spank him when he’s doing an injection. Beforehand would kill the mood. Afterward would be dangerous. He can’t tuck a juiced-up boner under him for spanking.

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  1. An erection never stopped me! I like it when my husband’s balls and erect cock stick out behind him when he’s bent over with his legs a bit spread. I give them a few encouraging gentle pats with my hand between swats to his butt. A little ball squeezing is fun as well. I can make him say anything while I’m squeezing his testicles.

    And I think it would do Lion a world of good to have his entire erection time consist of alternate teasing and spanking. He probably misses not being hard for his discipline.

    Looking forward to read about his next spanking!

    1. I’m not replying for Mrs. Lion. I just wanted to point out that my erection doesn’t necessarily mean I am sexually aroused. That’s what’s so odd about it. The Trimix gives me an erection that has nothing to do with my interest in sex.

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