Lion talks a good game, but sometimes he can’t handle a spanking. I’m not talking about the mean, 10-minute+ spankings. I mean right off the bat. I started swatting him with an oversized paddle to get him warmed up. Even that was too hard for him. I figured he was just being wimpy, but as I ramped up the swats, he really wasn’t doing well.

His “excuse” was that he’d been in pain all day. He doesn’t quite remember how he did it, but he hurt his ankle and it’s been sore for days. Is that my problem? I mean, sure I care, but from a punishment point of view, do I care? I can’t really. He’s been saying he wants to be spanked, needs to be spanked, for well over a week. I finally do it and he’s in too much pain?

It’s true, it was a just-because spanking, but when I had to go searching for his coffee mug, it became a regular spanking. I set the timer for ten minutes. He didn’t even make it five. I was trying to get him there at least. Nope. Didn’t make it.

At lunch, Lion was talking about an antenna. He’s been researching it for days. He’s been trying to figure out where to put it. I was trying to understand how much room it needs. He said he knows where he wants to put it, but I’ve used up the whole damn yard for the dog. I haven’t. When he started to get whiny, I told him I was trying to help him figure it out, but if he were going to be difficult, I’d forget the whole thing.

It sounds like he needs another round on the spanking bench. I’m not saying he’ll get it. Apparently, he needs some time for his ankle to heal. I’ll have to pencil in a spanking for a future date.

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  1. Here’s how I do it.

    For me, the art of spanking is to bring him right up to the limit, a bit over, a step back, back over again, and so on. The “punishment” happens just over his limit, which changes day by day, minute to minute, and even second by second during the spanking.

    Too much over, and it collapses the head space. Too much under, and it’s a funishment.

    Generally, if his ass is moving toward me, he needs more. If it’s cringing away, I’m over his limit, which is fine, i just can’t live there.

    If I spend time over his limit, just as he is about to give in, I scale it back and maybe hand spank him a bit. Then when I later ramp back up, his limit is further than it was. In that way I can build to a way harder spanking than just gunning it from the start.

    At first, to learn to read his body we used a “yellow” safeword for a time. He’d say yellow when he was too much past his limit. Over time, I correlated what his body says with what his mouth says, and now we can ditch the yellow and I have fun dancing back and forth across his limit, playing him like a fiddle. Extending his limit. I have immense fun doing that.

    Of course, YMMV.

    1. Author

      I used to know him better, but we stopped spanking and we both lost our touch. Little does he know he’s in for a spanking because his coffee cup was not in the sink when I washed the dinner dishes. Oops.

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