My Only Recreational Drug

The generic Viagra isn’t blue. However, it’s inexpensive and available everywhere.

It’s Tuesday evening. Mrs. Lion is stopping on her way home from work for Chinese food. I’ve been home all day trying to recover from my amazingly horrid allergy attack. I think I am starting to get over it. Allergies, for me at least, are like nuclear bombs. Once started, they seem to create a chain reaction that keeps building. I react violently to stuff that normally doesn’t bother me very much.

I’ve been taking very large amounts of antihistamines. I visited an allergist last time this happened and he prescribed this way to survive until my body settles down. The only problem with this therapy is it makes me sleepy.

On another important front, it’s been eight days since my last ejaculation. The last couple of nights there was no snuggling or edging. I was too itchy and uncomfortable to even consider human contact. Happily, today I’m very horny and not that itchy. Earlier, I got an email from Mrs. Lion that informed me she would be making my wish for release even stronger. It will feel good to be close again.

Somehow, while checking out my health insurance options for next year, I discovered that my state has a drug discount card. I visited the site and filled out the application. There was a “drug finder” link. I went there and added my favorite boner pill, Cialis. It came up and the price was insane. There was a button for “similar drugs”. I was curious. I clicked it. Up popped Sildenafil. That’s the generic name for Viagra. The drug discount card pricing site showed a 90-day supply at $42. Wow! 120 tablets for a very reasonable price.

Why do I care about boner pills? I have no real problem getting hard for Mrs. Lion. But, if I take a boner pill, Cialis when my insurance covered it, erections are harder and faster to come up. Essentially, I get hard like a teenager when I take them. I think that’s big fun. One thing they don’t do is turn me on. Some guys think that these are aphrodisiacs. They aren’t. Taking one while locked in a chastity device does not make the confinement worse. The impulse to get hard isn’t increased by taking one. Essentially, they are a waste if you take one when you don’t have a chance to have an erection.

They make erections better. They don’t make erections. I’ve had some old Cialis from when I got it with my insurance. It’s expired, but it still works. Now, thanks to a law suit settlement agreement between Pifizer, the patent holder for Viagra and generic manufacturer, Teva, the drug is available now as a cheap generic alternative. Interestingly, sildenafil, the exact same chemical as Viagra, isn’t currently authorized by the FDA to be advertised as a drug for ED (erectile dysfunction). However, it is available in drug stores across the U.S. and your doctor can prescribe it for you for ED.

My current insurance won’t pay for ED drugs. Now it isn’t needed. The state drug discount card puts boner pills within my reach. It’s my only recreational drug; and it’s legal.