If you look at the menu bar at the top of the page (for browsers), you’ll see a new item for erectile dysfunction. It’s a collection of recent posts that discuss my adventures with this unfortunate subject. When I get the time, I’ll do a set of pages that do a better job of telling the story. I’ve spent a ton of time trying to learn about this problem. For something that hits over twenty percent of men, you’d think there would be much easier ways to learn.

Tuesday night I did a .50 ml injection of Trimix. Since I realized that one problem might be positional erectile dysfunction, I wanted to go back to the less expensive drug and see if it worked. I did the injection and, for the first time, got an insertable erection. Sure enough, when I lay on my back, the erection subsided to a more floppy but still-hard state. When I stood, the penis went back to attention. OK, that shows the Trimix is effective.

I ordered some silicone penis rings from Amazon. While standing, I put on the smallest one in the set of six. It was comfortable to wear. I lay on my back again. This time the erection held. Voila! It looks like Trimix at .50 ml is going to do it for me. We’ll try again later in the week to be sure.

After I got on the bed with the ring on, Mrs. Lion gave me oral attention. Sadly, I couldn’t get to the edge, much less over the top. It was eighteen days since my last orgasm. I suspect that all of the fuss around the injection and the cock ring was too distracting for me to focus on being sexually aroused. That’s the odd thing about these injections. Even though I’m fully erect, I’m not necessarily aroused. This is something that both of us need to get used to.

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