I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to wonder if all this effort for an erection is worthwhile. On Monday night, I tried with .3o ml of Trimix. I got a bit hard but bendy. This wasn’t what I wanted. Yes, I was warned that I would probably need a high dose of the stuff, but I optimistically figured I wouldn’t need more than .25 ml. Now that I know .30 ml is still too little, I have to face the chance that I may need a .50 ml dose. That makes boners pretty expensive. If I need that much, each erection will cost $13. I will get ten out of a 5 ml vial. The vial is good for ninety days. So, if I want to make the stuff last, I’ll be able to get hard every ten days.

Actually, ten days is a reasonable spacing for my orgasms. I’m pretty used to waiting that long. The thing is that I’m not used to having any teasing or other fun during the ten-day wait. I was hoping for two activities a week. That would require about one vial a month. I suppose that isn’t an insane cost. I just wanted to keep costs at about $2oo for a ninety-day supply. Maybe once I optimize my dose, the doctor can find me a different strength or blend that will let me use a smaller dose.

Aside from the evolving economic issue, I’m still not injecting as well as I should. Monday’s injection produced a rather large bruise on my penis (See bruise here). This is probably due to me hitting a vein that wasn’t visible on the surface. It’s not a big deal, just an annoyance. I’m holding off on my next try until the bruise gets better. I did this shot without the Inject-Ease. I was able to position the needle more accurately. The shot was painless and easy to do.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that erections cost money. Like most guys, erections were always free, and the biggest problem was getting too many of them at times that could be embarrassing. Now, we have to decide if it’s worth $13 for me to get hard. Sheesh! I hate this idea. It certainly puts pressure on both of us every time I use the Trimix.

Before, when I took generic Viagra or Cialis, it only cost a few cents per pill. A 20mg Cialis tablet set me up for erections for over thirty hours.  A bottle of 90 tablets cost less than $40. It was no big deal if Mrs. Lion was tired or not in the mood. Now, we both have to be prepared to do something big each time I inject the drug. It’s too expensive to waste on a “I have a headache dear” evening. This need for advance commitment takes a lot of the fun out of things.

Mrs. Lion is good at finding ways to make things work. Perhaps she should decide when I get a shot and what will happen when I do. Maybe there’s a way to turn this rather depressing process into a fun activity. I hope there is. Right now, I’m feeling pretty bad about it.