We had to suspend our Trimix dose testing due to a bruise caused by my injection on Monday. I must have hit a vein. The bruise is fading. With any luck, we can try again tonight (I’m writing this post on Thursday) or tomorrow night. I shouldn’t be surprised that the required dose is large. My doctor warned me that it might be. I did some more research and called the compounding pharmacy to find out if there were options if the dose needed was high.

If I need .50 ml per dose, I would get ten erections per $133 vial. That’s not a crazy price when I compare it to the copay I would have for 18 erections of Edex ($200 every 90 days). The pharmacist said that there are stronger Trimix formulas. The next one up is about twice as strong as what I have now. She said that they don’t usually recommend it until the weaker dosage is at least .80 ml. My thought is that if I go above .50 ml (ten erections/vial), I want the stronger stuff. My goal is to get at least 15 erections out of a vial.

This process feels weird to me. It shouldn’t. When Viagra and Cialis were under patent protection, my insurance covered a very limited number of pills per month. I think it was five or six. My current insurance doesn’t cover those drugs at all. At the time, I could get it up with some reliability without drugs. It’s only recently that I can’t get hard on my own or with the boner pills.

I’ve wondered if this isn’t nature’s way of telling me that it’s time to give up on sex. It would make life easier for Mrs. Lion if I did. Well, I don’t want to. I think I could without falling into depression, but I’m not ready yet. Think of it, a sex blogger who resigned from having sex. Yeesh!

I could take up knitting or needlepoint instead. Nah! Maybe I could find some geezers for a bridge game. Talk about depressing options! I am about to take an amateur radio license test. I can chat with other impotent men about technical subjects on the radio. Actually, my spidey sense tells me to get the license as a way to help protect us in case of a natural disaster. If nothing else, it gives me a geeky way to learn more about technology.

I can’t think of any menu choice to replace sex. That means I’ll have to keep trying to find ways to keep it available to me.

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