Woodys On Demand

Sunday night, Mrs.Lion spent a little time playing with my penis under the covers. It felt good but didn’t really turn me on. She didn’t say so, but I imagine that she was tired after a day of catching up on laundry and some housework. I love it when we snuggle. Mrs. Lion puts her head on my chest and sometimes plays with my cock. Other times, she rubs my inner thigh. Both feel very nice.

I’m starting to think that we need a change of venue (the massage table?) to help shift gears into a more sexual mode. When I’m on the massage table, there are no distractions for either of us. I think that Mrs. Lion associates the table with a little cock and ball torture followed by a hand job. She says that oral sex isn’t possible with me on the table. I don’t know why she hasn’t considered starting on the table and ending with me across the bed.

There’s no question that it’s more difficult to get me off nowadays. It isn’t that I’m broken as much as my libido isn’t as active as it used to be. Low blood pressure also affects erections. My blood pressure isn’t at an unsafe level, just lower than it’s been in the past. My weight loss is very good for my health, but not so good for hardons. Years ago, I had a conversation with a doctor friend of mine about this very issue. She asked me if I would rather live longer or get better erections. I immediately answered that my vote was for my penis. She rolled her eyes.

I think a lot of guys would answer the same way. I like sex a lot. It’s been a favorite part of my life since I was eleven years old. I’m not ready to give it up yet.  The Massachusetts Male Aging Study found that 52% of men 40-70 had erectile dysfunction issues. There are many safe options to help with them. One that I’ve heard about but never investigated until now is injections of drugs that cause the erectile tissue in the penis to expand. Within five minutes of injection into the penis, an erection occurs that will last for one-to-two hours.

This drug, Trimix, was mentioned in the article I read about ED. It’s a combination of alprostadil, phentolamine, and papaverine. These drugs are considered very safe to use. The only listed side effect is an erection that lasts longer than two hours. A company called Olympia Compounding Pharmacy is one of the providers. This drug has been used since the early 1980s. Up until very recently, these injections were considered bargains compared to Viagra and Cialis. Since both are off-patent, the generic pills cost less than the injections, which cost between $3 and $6 a dose.

Years ago, at a large BDSM event, I ran into a pair of women who specialized in cock and ball torture. Their technique involved using a drug similar to Trimix as part of their play. They would inject his penis at the start. He would be hard for at least an hour whether or not he was aroused. If he ejaculated, he would still remain erect. They loved the possibilities. He could be a human dildo since his arousal wasn’t necessary for him to be used to pleasure a woman. This was the first time I heard about this sort of ED treatment. I never contemplated having an erection without arousal before this.

That was the memory that flooded back to me as I thought about my recent problems getting hard and staying hard. I’ve reached out to Olympia, and I’ll find out more about Trimix. If it turns out that it is safe for me, I’d like to try it. If it works, it could turn out to be fun for both of us.