Lion has not been having much luck with the boner shots. He hasn’t had a good erection since his orgasm. The other day, I told him his penis looked red on the side. It wasn’t bruised. It just looked like his butt after a few good swats. Ordinarily, these are things he wants to know. This time, however, it seemed like I’d created a barrier to his getting hard by alerting him to a possible issue.

Yesterday, after I waxed him and he took a shower, he upped the dose. He was in his office quite a long time after the timer went off. (After the injection, he has to hold pressure on the injection site for a few minutes.) I assumed he was waiting to see if anything was happening. When he came into the bedroom, he asked me to look for the spot to make sure he’d hit the right area. I’ve never seen the actual needle mark, even when the skin was red. This time there was a small red dot. Maybe there had been some bleeding in the immediate area. It was nothing I would consider a bruise.

We’re going to try again today. He asked if I could give it a try. Maybe he’ll decide to do it again. I know he doesn’t like to give up on things. Apparently, difficulty with the dosage is why many men stop trying. I can understand that. First, you have to admit you have a problem. Then, you get your hopes up for the wonder cure. If it doesn’t work, maybe it will never work. It’s frustrating.

I have no idea how close we are to the bottom of the vial. Each injection is such a minute amount, we must not have used much yet. I am hoping we get the correct dosage in the right spot soon. I don’t want Lion to get more disappointed.

Come on, weenie! You can do it! (A little encouragement can’t hurt.)

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