An Orgasm After More Than A Month-Long Dry Spell

Monday night, I finally had an orgasm. As you may recall, last week I began injecting Trimix into my penis. The initial three doses were too small to produce a reliable erection. On Monday, I went from .15 ml to .2o ml. That did the trick. I was hard about ten minutes after the injection. A few minutes later, Mrs. Lion started giving me oral sex. As soon as she began, my erection became harder. I stayed that way until I came about fifteen minutes later. Mrs. Lion reported that I produced a large amount of semen.

After the orgasm, my penis lost a lot of its starch but didn’t get soft. A few minutes later, I was about eighty percent as hard as I was while Mrs. Lion sucked me. I retained this boner for about an hour. This is probably close to the optimum dosage for me. We won’t know for sure, of course, until we try again when I am a little less horny. I was very happy with the experience. The chemically-induced erection felt a little different from the organic variety. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, but it felt like my penis was straining. That’s probably the result of the vastly increased blood flow. It didn’t hurt. It just felt different.

The injection itself was painless. In fact, after I positioned the Inject-Ease on the right spot, I accidentally bumped the release button. I heard the click but felt nothing. The needle was inserted. All I had to do was press the plunger and remove the needle.

The only potential issue this method of erection building poses is timing. There’s a necessary pause between making the decision to have sex and injecting the Trimix. The romantic flow is broken for the five minutes it takes to get the injection done. This can be a little daunting. But, if the alternative is no sex, a five-minute intermission isn’t a big price to pay.


  1. This is very interesting and encouraging for other guys who are getting to the age where the boner is sometimes elusive.
    Retained the boner for an hour, after orgasm! That sounds great, but how did you feel? After an orgasm, I am usually ready to nod out and probably couldn’t continue with sex if I did have long lasting erection like this. I know you are just getting started with this, but I for one am following with great interest.

    1. Author

      I felt the same as I usually do after an orgasm.The only difference was that my cock was hard. I wasn’t aroused, just erect.

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