Lion increased the dosage of his boner juice yesterday. I don’t know how much he’s up to, but he may have hit the right amount. He was hard very quickly. Of course, that was encouraging, but we didn’t know how long it would last.

The challenge for me was to do some sort of foreplay without taking too much time away from the erection. Sure it was hard when we started, but it could potentially have fizzled shortly after. I didn’t go right in for the kill. I licked him and sucked lightly to get him interested before I really started sucking him.

Technically, his wait was over a month. Of course, that assumes that I was consciously making him wait. And that I was edging him along the way. This wait had nothing to do with male chastity. I don’t know which kind of waiting is more difficult for him. It’s not like I never touched him during that month. Things seemed to be working a few times. They just didn’t last long. I didn’t frustrate him by edging him and then stopping, although I’m sure he was frustrated by the situation.

Last night’s dose of boner juice lasted quite a while. Long enough for me to get him excited. Normally, I keep my eyes closed while I suck him. There isn’t really much to look at. When I peeked, I saw his legs moving. He was trying to buck into my mouth. It wasn’t working, but it was definitely encouraging. Not long after, he shot yummy cream filling into my mouth. Apparently, he’d been saving it up. There was a lot.

He was still hard when we were done. I thought he was losing it, but it came back a little. I assume if I’d continued giving him attention, he would have gotten hard all the way again. Now we’re trying to figure out if that dose was correct or if he should increase it another notch. I’m thinking we try the same dose to see if we can replicate the effect. A possible problem with that is he won’t have over 30 days of pent up sexual energy. Still, we have to do our due diligence. Just maybe not tonight.

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