I Forgot A Two Minute Chore And Got A Ten Minute Spanking

lion strapped to his spanking bench

When I first started reading about adult disciplinary spankings, several women noted that their husbands seemed to have limited memories of what they had to do. They observed that their husbands needed spanking about once a month for forgetting a rule. At the time, I thought this was silly. However, the hard truth of this observation is painfully obvious to me now.

On Friday, I forgot to set up the coffee pot. You’d think that by now, it would be a daily habit to perform this chore. It usually is. I was tired, and my daily routine was interrupted by a nap. I forgot the coffee pot. The last time I forgot was on March 16, the last time Mrs. Lion spanked me. Here it is over a month later, and I’m riding the spanking bench again. The time before that was in October, almost six months earlier. I guess the March spanking didn’t take.

Generally, when I commit an offense too soon after a prior incident, Mrs. Lion makes the spanking much more memorable. I’m writing this post on Saturday Morning. Mrs. Lion informed me that I would be spanked right before we leave for the casino later today. She said my sore bottom would be a good reminder while we were there. She said that she had planned a five-minute “Just Because”spanking for today, but now it would be a full-strength ten-minute visit with her paddles. I should point out that a ten-minute spanking never lasts just ten minutes. That’s the minimum length. I’m sure this one will go on quite a bit longer.

The other day I wrote that we both get out of disciplinary mode if I’m not spanked fairly often. That’s the reason we have the “Just Because” spankings. Today’s spanking is a whopping 34 days since my last one. We’ve had a chance to forget, and I did. There’s a good chance that Mrs. Lion will be more watchful after today’s punishment. She noted that she hasn’t punished me for interrupting. She said that omission was going to stop now. OK, I’ve been warned.