Last night, I approached Lion with the rope I use to tie his balls. He made a face. I get it. Sometimes he doesn’t want his balls tied up. That wasn’t it, though. He was cold. He was hunkered down under the nice warm blankets and wanted to stay there. He invited me to join him.

Once I was under the blanket and snuggling next to him, he “encouraged” me to play with my weenie. The problem is that we can’t usually get too far with that. I guess he really didn’t expect to anyway because he said maybe we can try tonight after he takes a little blue pill. At one point, he was taking the lower dose pill every day. I lose track. I just hope we can get some play in soon.

I’m all for playing with my weenie any time. I know it feels good. He enjoys it even if he doesn’t get hard. Maybe I’m selfish, but I want some cream filling. I suppose if I make him wait for attention, he can make me wait for cream filling. I’m absolutely positive he’d be more than happy to give it to me whenever I want.

He’s found a drug to inject in my weenie that will create an erection. As usual, he’s done all sorts of research about it. I don’t think I’d ever inject anything into such a sensitive area. He must really like sex. I hope he doesn’t want me to do it for him. I’ll do a lot of things for him, but I’m not sure I can do that.

I think the only side effect is having an erection last longer than four hours. That’s the same as Viagra. What is it about four hours? When it first came out, Lion laughed about wishing he had an erection that lasted that long. Apparently, it’s very dangerous.

He made a doctor’s appointment for next week. Maybe we’ll find out if he’s a candidate.

[Lion — As usual, Mrs. Lion and I end up talking about the same thing. I haven’t had much luck with the pills (Viagra or Cialis), hence the visit to the urologist. My post tomorrow goes into more detail.]

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