Play With The Lion

My younger son has emotional issues. When his father and I parted ways, he said he’d rather go to jail than pay me child support. I knew I was bad with money, so it seemed logical to leave the kids with him. When I met Lion, he said his child-rearing days were behind him. No harm, no foul. They were with their dad. In hindsight, this was a horrible arrangement.

My son’s been having problems at work. He can’t communicate well and that frustrates both him and the people he’s trying to talk to. After years of ignoring the situation, my ex is finally realizing my son needs help. Duh. Even the other two kids knew it years ago. Anyway, my ex needs to talk things to death before he eventually does nothing about it. We had a family meeting via conference call last night. We all outlined what should be done next and he agreed. I doubt he will follow through.

All of this worry/frustration, coupled with being tired didn’t bode well for Lion’s blow job. Once again, we’re heading into another weekend. I’m hoping he isn’t sick again. Once I get back from taking the dog to the vet, I plan on working on that blow job. We might not make it all the way in one shot. At the very least, I should be able to get his motor running. The main thing is that he get some attention. Finally! It’s been a long time again.

The only other thing on my agenda this weekend is the lawn. If it can just stay dry another day, I can get rid of the taller grass in the dog’s area. The rest of the lawn needs mowing too, but her area is more important. If I can’t mow it, I’ll have to use the weed wacker. Of course, there’s plenty to do inside if it rains. (Play with the Lion) What? Did you hear something?