Three Simple Rules To Succeed With Male Chastity

A lot has been written about male chastity, mostly by people who want to sell you something. Also popular are stories where an angry wife locks up her naughty husband. Between the sales pitches and fantasies, it’s very difficult to get a good idea of how to play the male chastity game.

Yes, you read it right, male chastity game. My first suggestion to newcomers is to understand that, at its root, male chastity is a game. That doesn’t mean it can’t be serious. Chess champions take that game very seriously. The male chastity game has rules. They aren’t complicated, but if they aren’t followed, chances are good that your effort to try male chastity won’t work.

rule 1: remember that male chastity is a game

Strictly speaking, you don’t need a male chastity device to play. Most of us want to be locked into a device that denies sexual access to our penises as part of the play. Here’s where the first-and-most-important rule comes in. The male has to agree not to cheat. Cheating is having any sort of sexual release (ejaculation) that isn’t provided by the keyholder: the other player.

It’s that simple. No masturbating or any other sex without her (or him). The reason this is so important is that male chastity devices are like passwords; the more difficult to wear, the more secure they are. Think of the male chastity device as a symbol of your commitment, not as a locked door you can open if you try hard enough. I’m not saying that your male chastity device isn’t effective in preventing erections and unauthorized activity. If you get a good one that’s properly fitted, you won’t be able to enjoy any sex until you are unlocked.

The reason this first rule is so important is that you can make wearing comfort more important than security. I have several devices. I’m currently wearing a Mature Metal Jail Bird. This device is absolutely effective in preventing erections and touching. It isn’t escape-proof. With a lot of effort, I think I can get my penis out. It’s impossible to get the device off my balls without unlocking it. My point is that since I wanted to be locked up, why would I want to break rule one?

Before I was locked in a male chastity device, my hands would wander between my legs at various times during the day and night. Masturbation was something I did a few times a week since I was eleven. The male chastity device stopped this cold. After wearing my male chastity device 24/7 (except for cleaning and Mrs. Lion’s playtime), I became conditioned to keep my hands off. Well, that’s not entirely true. When wild (unlocked), I would fondle a bit and get hard. I didn’t jerk off. I haven’t gotten myself off since 2013 whether or not I’m in a male chastity device.

rule 2: keep it simple

Most of us spent a lot of time fantasizing about being locked in a male chastity device. These fantasies probably featured a strict keyholder who required sexual attention and housework as payment to get unlocked. The central theme was that the keyholder used the power of a male chastity device to control her man.

Damn few women think that way or want that sort of relationship. Sex is part of a loving relationship and not something to trade. From what I’ve seen, the main reason that men can’t get their partners to participate in the male chastity game is that their partners make it about domination and submission rather than sex.

Mrs. Lion was willing to lock me up because I told her that the idea turned me on. I didn’t propose a fantasy relationship where I had to earn my release. Instead, I suggested that she keep me from ejaculating until she decided that I was desperate to get off. It was a game. I’m sure the game wasn’t a turnon for her. Seeing my excitement was.

You might find that your partner might be willing to play if the game is simple and aimed at what turns you on,

rule 3: invest in a device you can wear comfortably

Another common mistake is for men to buy a cheap Chinese chastity device that is uncomfortable to wear. The simple fact is that most of the cheap, over-the-counter devices are painful after wearing them for a short time. I’m not suggesting that you order a custom device for your first try, but I am suggesting that you get one that has a chance of staying on your penis for more than a day or two.

I’ve tested a number of devices. If you do a search on the site (top of the right column) for “Review,” you will see what I’ve tested over the years. There are also a number of articles listed at the top of the page to help guide measuring for a device.

The Holy Trainer male chastity devices are reasonably priced (about $175) and comfortable to wear. Their main drawback is that they are tube designs and will collect urine and begin to smell after a short time. That’s not a problem if your partner unlocks you every day or two for cleaning. The cage designs are much easier to keep clean. They are also very hard to wear unless custom-made.

Remember that male chastity is a long game. It will take time and investment to master it. Mrs. Lion and I have been doing it since December 2013. It’s become part of our marriage and we will never stop playing. Have fun!