Protecting Her Possession

As you can see, the Jail Bird male chastity device that was empty yesterday (“Taking Choice Away From Me“) is filled now. This is the first time in a few years that I’m no longer wild. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Mrs. Lion rarely reads the same meaning as I intended from my posts. I think we have the same difference now.

After she locked me into the male chastity device, she said, “We’ll see if this makes you hornier.” I asked if that is why she locked me up, and she said yes. That wasn’t what I expected at all. Mrs. Lion said (“A Twist On A Twist“) that when I proposed playing with myself to help prime the pump, for the first time, she realized that she felt possessive about my penis and didn’t want anyone but her playing with it. I interpreted that to mean she wanted paws off.

That was a change from our prior arrangement. In the past, I was allowed to get myself hard and touch as long as I didn’t have an accident. As I understood her most recent revelation, any sexual touching by me is forbidden. I suggested that the only way she could assure that I stayed away was to lock me up again. This is when things got a little fuzzy.

Once the cage was going on, she said I was wearing it because I wanted to and because I suggested it would make me hornier. Well, it might make me hornier, but I didn’t think I was locked up because I wanted to be. This is a return to something that bothers me a lot.

the difference between consent and desire

It’s true that when we started male chastity, I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. She agreed, and an experiment began where we both tried on male chastity. She didn’t think that I would tolerate wearing a cage for long and was surprised when our experiment stretched into years. My assumption, which I wrote about, was that at some point, we changed from desire to consent. In other words, it no longer mattered if I wanted to be in a male chastity device. I was in it as long as Mrs. Lion wanted me to be. The only way I could get out was to revoke my consent. I wasn’t about to do that.

When Mrs. Lion wrote that she felt possessive, and I suggested that a cage would guard her interest in my penis, that if she locked me up again, it would be her decision, not my interest in wearing a male chastity device. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still OK about being locked up, but my preference is to be wild. This is a much bigger deal than it seems on the surface.

I think it comes down to the difficulty Mrs. Lion has with taking charge of me. She had to work very hard to get to the point where she punished me for breaking rules without worrying about my desire to be punished. Her increasing ability to do this makes me feel safer and more secure. I hope it also lets her feel more in control. I imagined that she was extending this control to sexual matters too.

I realize that it’s tricky for her to assert herself. From my perspective, I won’t feel her possession of my penis until she takes the same control she does with punishment. I may want to wear my Jail Bird right now. I would hope that as far as she is concerned, it doesn’t matter. I need to know that I will wear it as long as she wants me to. My thoughts on the matter are not solicited, just as it is when she takes out the spanking bench.

We both know that my male chastity was my idea, and I asked her to try it. At this point, well into our tenth year, I think she has to own it. If she truly feels possessive about my penis, then it seems to me that a male chastity device is the best way to protect her property.


  1. I think it comes down to your desire for her to be in control.
    Seems a fairly common feeling that is often difficult to satisfy.
    My wife is very much in control of most things, I would think that controlling me would be second nature for her.
    It’s not.
    I am currently locked in a chastity cage. I put it on myself. I don’t plan to take it off until she wants it off. She has asked if I am ok, has clearly indicated that I can take it off whenever I want. But what I want is for her to have that control. I give my consent for her to take control. But I can’t make her take it, that’s up to her.

    1. Author

      It’s tough when your wife doesn’t want to play. One possible approach is to make male chastity a game–which it really is. The rules can be very simple. You have to wear the cage to assure that you don’t jerk off. Her role is to decide when and how you get to ejaculate. I would l’d suggest avoiding the word “Control” at all costs. It’s a sex game you want to play with her.

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