Playing It By Ear

As I said the other day, I hurt my shoulder when I was giving Lion the beginning of a blow job. I thought I just had it scrunched up under me funny. Yesterday, it felt more like a strain. After work, I flopped on the bed with Lion while he watched TV/snoozed. When I got up to make dinner, my thigh was hurting. I have no idea what I did to it. This was all in addition to my sneezing fits throughout the day. Everything still hurts today.

I wasn’t in the best of moods to unlock Lion last night. He asked but I said I hurt too much. He was disappointed. Maybe he needs to get used to disappointment now that he’s locked up again. I know he didn’t get many orgasms before he was locked away, but he may have to wait longer now that he is. Why? I don’t know. It just seems like he should.

We still haven’t talked about how often he should be unlocked. If our old agreement is still in effect, it was certainly within reason to leave him locked last night. Tonight is another matter. By rights, he should unlocked and “exercised”. On the other hand, if I still don’t feel well, I don’t think I should be held to that. Lion will be disappointed, but he’ll certainly understand.

To be clear, I’m not ruling out play for tonight. I can pop some Tylenol and be ready to roll. We’ll have to see how the rest of the day goes. Lion said he was tired around lunch time. Does that rule out fun later? Nope. I’m very good at playing things by ear.

I don’t know how horny he is at this point. He might settle for being unlocked and some weenie attention under the covers. It doesn’t do much for him, but if that’s all he wants, we can snuggle and I’ll play with my weenie. If he’s horny, I can try for his blow job again. Maybe we’ll do a combination of the two. Whatever works.

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  1. In a previous message to Mr. Lion, I suggested that all males within Mr. Lions realm, be locked up the entire week of March 26 starting this coming Saturday evening. No unlocking until April 1st!!
    I will join our leader and be locked the entire week. If all goes well, we should go for another week.

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