This And That

cartoon of wife with crop watching spanked husband standing in the corner.

Mrs. Lion has been a little under the weather. She has been sneezing and stuffy. I suggested that it might be allergies. I hope that’s all it is. She hasn’t felt well enough to do anything sexual for the last week. That’s certainly understandable. With the sort of irony my body loves, I’ve been horny. I’ve been hoping for some late-afternoon fun. I’m still due a “Just Because” spanking, but that can wait until Mrs. Lion is completely symptom-free. I’m such a nice guy.

I’ve been procrastinating about writing for some time now. I’m pretty discouraged by the unanimous lack of interest that agents have shown my work. I realize that literary agents would be selling real estate if they had better driving skills. Still, this group of self-centered women represents an author’s only real chance to get published. I never liked real estate agents. Anyway, I’m going to get back to writing this weekend.

As you probably guessed, I’m not in a very good mood. Writing is an isolating occupation. The interactive aspect comes after the work is done. Then it’s either rejection or critique. Oh well. Maybe I’m in the wrong business right now. It doesn’t matter. I like to write, and I’ve discovered that writing fiction is big fun. I just hoped to make a few bucks from doing it.

Since this post is a sort of potpourri of topics, I might point out that there has been a recent flurry of comments on my post yesterday morning. They open up an interesting topic that might be good to discuss at length some other time. It isn’t whether or not Mrs. Lion and I actually practice domestic discipline. It’s that my rather broad statements about DD having sexual roots is perceived by some as an attack on the true nature of the activity.

Apparently, suggesting that there is a sexual component also implies that the activity is BDSM or <gasp> femdom. I don’t see the connection. I also don’t see the implied insult in suggesting this. One of the primary sources for my interest in domestic discipline came from the old Disciplinary Wives Club website. It’s full of useful information on one approach to spanking. I also found it hot. Check it out and see for yourself.

I certainly can’t know why every man asks his wife to spank him. I know why I did, and I’ve read lots of blogs and forums over the years where other guys discuss the topic. There are hundreds of comments on this blog supporting the idea that the initial thought of being spanked was sexual. I know from my experience that once disciplinary spanking becomes part of the marriage, it isn’t BDSM or sex. It’s real domestic discipline. ‘Nuff said.

Dan brought up an interesting point indirectly. He suggested that our rather lighthearted approach to spanking, and indirectly domestic discipline, is evidence that it’s some sort of BDSM/femdom play to us. Mrs. Lion usually refers to spanking me as giving me swats when she delivers “Just Because” spankings. Usually, when I break a rule, she says she will punish me. She prefers the word “swats” to spank. She also takes on a lighthearted tone when discussing DD. She prefers the less serious approach.

It makes sense to me. If she’s angry, she won’t punish me. She only spanks me when she’s calm. Punishment in our house is delivered in a calm, routine way. That doesn’t make it less painful. My behavior is corrected by her punishments.

She said it best in a comment yesterday —

“As far as empowering me is concerned, I’ve said I don’t feel empowered by spanking him for interrupting me. However, it is the way he learns.