Some Clothespins and the Spanking Bench

Today is punishment day. That means Lion’s cute tush will be whomped tonight. It won’t be hard, but it will be the first spanking since the Super Bowl. We need to get back on track with several things and this is a good place to start.

I played with my weenie a bit last night. Lion was making all the right purring noises, but he never really got hard. In his defense, I was playing with him under the covers and that doesn’t normally get him excited. It was sort of late too. Tonight we’ll have to try things earlier.

I can set up the massage table and see if I can’t get things going that way. A few clothespins should help. It’s been a while since I tried to get a lot of clothespins on his balls. I think the record was somewhere in the 30s. Of course, there are a few prime spots that hurt more than the others. I always try to give those extra tugs. And let’s not forget his boobies. I know that area does nothing for him, but it amuses me.

My goal is to get him aroused even if I don’t get him to the edge. It’s been six days since his orgasm, but he’s still taking the drug that may or may not affect his libido. He takes it on Saturdays so we’re winding down to the end of its potency. Today and tomorrow are the most likely days to get a rise out of him. Pun intended.

He told me something interesting over lunch. His insurance will pay for six boner pills per month. I wonder if someone sat down and calculated the average number of orgasms men have per month. Or maybe they decided men can’t go more than five days between orgasms. Either way, I don’t think most insurances pay for boner pills so he should feel lucky. Of course, it’s now cheaper to buy them with Good Rx or one of the other discount prescription programs.