Weight Loss, Male Chastity, And Domestic Discipline Have A Lot In Common

I don’t understand why, but we have lost some of our usual energy for fun. It’s probably our diet. We both miss the fun we had in the past, and I’m sure we’ll get back to it. Mrs. Lion’s schedule is stable. Unless she has to take some time off during the week, she’s done every day at 4:30. I haven’t been writing. I guess it’s writer’s block or just unhappiness at not landing an agent. I haven’t given up yet.

We need to spend more time planning our diets. I’m sure we are OK in terms of Calories, but we could do better balancing nutrients. Neither of us is motivated in that area. Both of us are committed to losing weight. I think that weight loss, like domestic discipline and male chastity, take time to integrate into our lives. I suspect that one of the big reasons that couples give up on them is the same one that makes people quit dieting: they don’t push for consistency.

If you think about it, our kinks have the same sort of learning curve as weight loss. All are very easy to begin, but much harder to sustain. You don’t need to know much to buy a cheap chastity device and start male chastity. Similarly, it doesn’t take a lot of training to deliver a passable spanking. Well, maybe it’s a bit more difficult to deliver a meaningful spanking, but making a bottom pink is pretty easy. The same is true of weight loss. It’s easy to cut back on Calories in the beginning. The first ten pounds are pretty easy to achieve.

All three activities take a lot more to sustain. For one thing, all have necessary subtleties with steep learning curves. It takes research and investment to get a male chastity device that is comfortable to wear 24/7/365. I’ve written a lot about that. If you’re lucky and find a good device early on, you will still end up investing at least $500 before you are done. Then there is learning how to adjust your relationship to accommodate it. Both partners have to learn how to manage a sex life where one partner is restricted. It may seem fun and easy at first, but it can become difficult over time. Dedication and consistency are required.

You can see the theme. All three are very exciting to consider. They are easy to start. Very few people who start keep it up for long. Nothing worthwhile is quick and easy. There’s a very good reason why very few of us are successful at any of those practices. I think that when you master one, you can master them all.

It took us time and a lot of work to make male chastity part of our marriage. It cost real money to get devices that were comfortable to wear. It took endless discussions  (Read our past posts.) to figure out how to make it work. Now, after over nine years, it’s just part of our lives. Domestic discipline has been easier to implement. It still takes a lot of work to integrate it into our marriage. We’re still figuring it out. But, we know it’s here to stay and understand what we have to do.

I’m convinced we will succeed with our diets. We’ve learned what we have to do to make changes in our lives. We are fully aware that we will have to learn a lot and keep adjusting. I know we’ll succeed.