I’m On My Way To Fighting Weight

Things are getting back on track. My libido is returning for now. Mrs. Lion can always coax an erection out of me. I have two more weeks of the 1mg Ozempic. My body is learning to tolerate it without much fuss. When I finish the four doses of 1mg, I go to 2mg. This is the strongest dose available for Ozempic. Wegovy, the exact-same drug (semaglutide) promotes weight loss. It’s effective dose is 2.4mg a week. I’m hoping my 2mg dose is just as effective. The study that the FDA used to authorize semaglutide as a weight loss drug suggests that a dose of 1.7mg a week was effective. Optimum results were achieved with the 2.4mg dose.

What all this means to me is that there is a very good chance Ozempic at 2mg/week will make the adjustments in my brain to permanently (at least as long as I take the drug every week) keep my weight under control. According to a report on “60 Minutes,” an area of the brain that controls hunger is changed by the drug. This is both good and bad news to me. I have a terrible track record when it comes to tolerating drugs that affect the brain.

Years ago, I sprained my back. I was prescribed a muscle relaxant. It is closely related to a drug used to treat mental problems. When I took it, my personality changed, and I became depressed. Other drugs that are beneficial to some, don’t work well in my head. So far, Ozempic hasn’t scrambled me enough for Mrs. Lion to notice. The only possible side effects are my temporary libido issues and a few stomach problems. The stomach issues are a frequent side effect and go away after a little while. I haven’t found any documented issues with libido.

I didn’t mean to bore you with this long discussion of my personal medical experiments. If I act weirder than usual, you will know why. I’m excited about getting back to my ideal weight. It will help me with my balance and ability to get around. I’m about thirty pounds over right now. I’m 6’2″, so I’m not grossly fat. Well, you’ve seen my body, so you know. I will be happier when I thin down.