Painful Lessons

If you read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“Trading Up For a Full Punishment“), you learned that Mrs. Lion caught me interrupting her when she was talking about lunch. That means instead of my rather-mild five-minute punishment day spanking, I’ll be getting a full ten minutes of punishment (No, my tenses aren’t confused. I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon.). This will be my first in a month. For the record, just because I’m writing about it doesn’t mean I’m happy to be getting punished. I’m not.

I have no way to know how many men are spanked by their wives. The only information I get is by reading blogs and forums. The guys who write and comment on them seem to get pleasure from endlessly discussing their behavior and how it motivated their wives to spank them. Many discussions center around things like other people witnessing their spankings, finding out that they get spanked, etc.

They almost never refer to being punished, only spanked. Every so often a guy will complain that his wife could use other forms of punishment. Those discussions are rare. Mrs. Lion always refers to punishing me. She will say that she will spank me as my punishment.

It seems that from the perspective of the guys writing about being spanked, the key is the humiliation of submitting to the spanking. Not the actual paddling. That suggests the sexual component to domestic discipline is stronger than most of us want to admit.

Our partners may already know about the strong sexual connection. I know that Mrs. Lion understands it. Some may believe that they are actually rewarding us with a spanking if it provides sexual arousal. Based on my experience and what I’ve read, the sexual component is irrelevant to the disciplinary benefits a spanking provides.

I haven’t found a single husband in domestic discipline who doesn’t get turned on by the idea of being spanked. It’s this sexual need that drives us to ask our wives to spank us. When Mrs. Lion began punishing me, I had an erection when she started. I don’t anymore, but I still find thinking about being spanked arousing. As one woman wrote, the arousal makes her husband meekly get into position for a spanking. It’s the bait that draws us into the trap.

Once our wives learn that they aren’t spanking us to please us, the beatings become a lot more painful. Ironically, the fantasy is to have a wife who mercilessly spanks for any infraction. Once our wives make that fantasy come to life, it’s too late to back down. When Mrs. Lion punishes me, she wants it to hurt. If she straps me down, I know that she isn’t going to worry about me rearing up. I’m going to feel her wrath for at least two days after she’s beaten me.

What’s weird is that I like that idea. Sitting at my desk about an hour away from that beating, the thought turns me on. When I’m riding the spanking bench, I’m not going to feel so good about it. It’s a complex set of emotions. A smart wife understands how to use this to help her husband improve.

A strict wife can’t cure serious behavioral problems. Drinking and drugs can’t be spanked away. Less serious behavioral issues respond surprisingly well to the application of a paddle. When we started, neither of us had any serious belief that I would make real changes as a result of Mrs. Lion spanking me. We were wrong. It didn’t matter that I found the idea of spanking arousing. It had nothing to do with whether or not I was hard when she started. I can honestly say that without any conscious effort on my part, I learned to avoid doing the things that earned me a spanking.

I’m still surprised by this. If Mrs. Lion consistently punishes me for something, I will change. The changes are happening below my consciousness. I can’t explain it. I change. OK, the change isn’t usually permanent. I will slip once in a while. If Mrs. Lion spanks me every time I do, the change becomes more permanent. It seems crazy, but domestic discipline works.

Think I’ll learn not to interrupt Mrs. Lion?