Strapped Down and Spanked

By the time I got around to spanking Lion, it was after dinner. He didn’t like the idea of being spanked after dinner. Too bad. I worked late, we both fell asleep watching TV, and then I made dinner. It was the first chance I had to swat him. Sure, I could have given him a pass, but he breaks rules so seldom anymore and I almost never punish him for interrupting. I had to follow through.

I strapped him down more out of habit than anything else. I guess it’s a good thing because he hasn’t had many punishment spankings lately. He was bound to move. Or rather, he was bound so he wouldn’t move. I was free to swing away.

I used a variety of paddles. I’m not sure which ones hurt more. I bet Lion isn’t, either. He yelped a lot although I wasn’t even hitting as hard as I’ve hit him in the past. I did quite a few hard swats, with time in between for the insult to sink in. By the end, his butt was a little bloody. It stopped bleeding as soon as I wiped it off. Today he reports that it hurts to sit. I’d think so. It was a good spanking.

Tonight, I’ve promised him Mr. Weenie will get some attention. I don’t think he’s horny enough for another orgasm so soon, but you never know. I may just concentrate on edging him. I don’t know what else I’ll do to him to get him ready. If I can’t think of anything, there’s always the box o’fun. It hasn’t failed us yet.

Aside from weenie’s attention, I’ll continue to put my iPad down to give Lion attention. This weekend I’ll clean the living room and insist we give my idea of watching TV in the living room to keep him awake a chance. It may not work, but I’d like to try it.

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