Was Starting Male Chastity A Mistake?

When we started our blog, it was a lot easier to come up with posts. We had a lot to say about male chastity and how we were doing as we added it to our relationship. Predictably, things stopped being new, and we settled into our practice. When I think about it, that was amazing. Mrs. Lion and I learned to accept complete male orgasm control without so much as a comment from either of us.

In 2013 Mrs. Lion was sure that I would want to get rid of my male chastity device and go back to sex on demand. I didn’t. I’ve written a lot about why this choice worked so well for me. In the beginning, it was a way to overcome my extreme problem with initiating sex. A few years ago, it saved me when Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex. By then, we had both completely separated sex for me from sex for us. That didn’t mean we didn’t have mutually satisfying sex. We did; as much of it as Mrs. Lion allowed me. The big difference was that the decision to give me an orgasm was made based on our male chastity kink. So, when Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex, my orgasms weren’t part of the change, just how they would be delivered.

Orgasm delivery was limited to masturbating me and oral sex. For a very long time, my only outlet was Mrs. Lion’s hand. It wasn’t that she didn’t like sucking me. Most of the time, she was edging me, and that was more difficult with her mouth. When it came time for me to ejaculate, she used her hand then too. It was a habit. This went on for a very long time. Finally, I just couldn’t come by her hand. That’s when she returned to oral sex. Lately, she’s been able to jerk me off successfully. It takes time, but she can do it. It doesn’t feel as good as oral sex, but I like it.

Nowadays, she doesn’t discuss how long she wants to keep me waiting. Most of the time, she doesn’t even try to edge me. I go for almost a week before she does more than a little under-the-covers fondling. It’s either that or she goes for the gold. Once in a while, she’ll edge me. She never does it more than once before she finally gets me off. In fairness, I’m not ready for an orgasm as soon as I used to be. It takes more effort to get me there. Mrs. Lion often doesn’t have the energy.

Maybe I should expect this. We’re in our tenth year of male chastity. Sex is starting to feel forced. Mrs. Lion used to try to edge at least once every other day. For the last several months, that hasn’t been close to happening. She never mentions sex. She used to tease me about being horny all the time. Is this loss of connection the logical end of our kink? I hope not, but it looks like it is. Maybe I’ll be sorry I ever suggested it.

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  1. As you and Lions become to your Ten years in chastity in April it 8 years for me but Mrs it hers 2nd year. Late 2015 fetish that has now a lifestyle
    2016 life changes to health reasons between both of as and intercourse was none subject even foreplay Mrs is a very Vanilla person as for me very open when comes sex it acts and activities
    Introducing a new activity is hard like just the other day received my 2nd spankings more Sexaul play than displine but I do my best to encourage so can do more often and yes I did ask her read your blog on a DD but like its written she finds hard to punish me correctly as written by you both she now is easier as to Sexaul play ,oral sex from her is a big dislike and for me I enjoy receiving and giving (bi) given to her brings her off quickly.
    Self pleasure for me is more anal play then penile,
    Penile is becoming rare now even when unlocked
    Mrs is comfortable now locking and unlocking my device finds the Holytrainer V5 more easy than a keyblock one turn one push down.
    We still learning.

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