Something Was Off

You are probably tired of hearing about our diet. Blah, blah, blah. Get to the sex already. Believe me, it goes together, at least for me. You’d think eating better would make me feel better. I’m no dummy. I know my body. It reacts poorly to good food. Twinkie? Oh, yes. Bring it on. Apple? Now wait a minute. We aren’t on some health food kick all of a sudden. I am not feeling the greatest with this diet. Let’s just say, I’m getting exercise through my frequent trips to the bathroom. On top of that, I’m feeling what I’m calling low blood sugar. When I test, it isn’t really low, but the symptoms are there. It’s pretty annoying. I had it before starting the diet, so it’s not a new feeling. Add food and it goes away. Hangry averted.

Anyway, yesterday I found the Velcro where I’d looked a hundred times before. I set up the massage table for after-lunch activities. We ate lunch and watched TV. And watched TV. And watched TV. By the time we got to play, it was midafternoon. I didn’t have any set schedule for play, but I assumed it would be before then. I was fully clothed. Lion, obviously, was not. I was too warm. Maybe that’s why I’m usually not dressed when we play.

I don’t know how Lion felt about it, but it was not a good play session for me. I mean, playing doesn’t get the same reaction from me that it does from Lion, but it just didn’t seem good at all. The Velcro wasn’t the same Velcro we’d used before. The teeth weren’t as mean. That was good for Lion, but I like the meaner teeth. The main purpose of it is to act as a sort of cock ring that allows blood into the penis, but not out. At a certain point, I release the Velcro and the blood rushing out is uncomfortable. That part worked great. Lion was hard, but not super hard. I don’t know how horny he was. When we started, he said he wasn’t feeling very sexy. I hoped he would get there as we went along. I’m not sure he ever did. Something felt off about the whole thing.

On the other hand, maybe it was just me that was off. My stomach had been acting up. Feeling too warm could have been a precursor to the low blood sugar feeling that happened afterward. I’ve been more annoyed today. That part doesn’t have anything to do with being hangry. Could it be that afternoon delight doesn’t work so well for me? Obviously, it’s not for me so it’s too bad if it doesn’t. I’ll have to make it work. On the other hand, maybe there’s a compromise. If it works for Lion, we could play when he gets out of the shower. Once he’s warmed up, of course. That could be sustainable every day since he tends to take a shower around 4:30 and I end work then. The point is, we have to find a solution that works.

[Lion — We just got a ketone test meter. Maybe the problem is an increase in ketosis. I’m fine with the idea of play/sex after my shower. It works well for me. I just want sex at this point. Yesterday wasn’t great for me either. I don’t know why. I suspect I’m feeling Mrs. Lion’s lack of interest. As usual, we end up writing about the same thing without consulting with one another. My post for tomorrow is on a similar subject.]

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