It doesn’t take much to throw my system off. Anytime we decided to lose weight using Lean Cuisine and similar meals, my stomach would retaliate. I’m not sure if it was a reaction to eating healthier or something in the manufacturing process. To be clear, I’m not saying fake food messes me up. I’ve been eating fake food my whole life. If anything, my body reacts negatively to real food. I’ve just noticed that “diet” foods tend to disagree with me.

I’m sure Lion thought I was nuts when I said our current diet was having a similar effect. That is, until it started affecting him too. Both of us have stomach issues off and on, so I don’t really know if it’s the food. What I do know is that it’s getting in the way of sex.

I was going to set up the massage table last night. I scrapped the idea when Lion’s tummy got upset. It made no sense to try to get things going when he wasn’t feeling well. We snuggled instead. I found a comfortable position and stayed there for a few hours while we watched TV. I didn’t attempt to play with my weenie.

Tonight is another opportunity for the massage table. It’s also punishment day. If he’s feeling okay, I’ll need to administer his punishment-day swats. It’s been a while since I’ve done them. Our football spanking game has gotten in the way lately. He probably gets more swats from football anyway. They are certainly harder swats. Our football team plays Saturday, so there’s no issue preventing me from spanking him tonight.

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