Lion’s Big Night

Maybe things didn’t go exactly to plan, but I think Lion was happy. Of course, he wasn’t happy to be spanked. He was, but he wasn’t. It’s the yin yang of it all. He wants to be spanked, but he hates being spanked, but he loves to reminisce about being spanked. He had an orgasm that he both wants and doesn’t want. Same concept.

I couldn’t find any Velcro. I know it’s around here somewhere. Things get put down somewhere, then picked up with other things to get them out of the way, and they get lost along the way. I’ll find it this weekend. After I failed to find Velcro, I wondered what I’d do with him. I completely forgot about spanking him until he mentioned it. As I was setting up the spanking bench, I saw the Magic Wand. Score! It was dead, but I started charging it. Luckily, it was raring to go when I needed it.

Within the last week or so, Lion suggested that punishment day spankings should be harder than I was hitting him. I was using a leather paddle because it isn’t really punishment, so I reasoned it shouldn’t hurt as much. However, it does make sense it should hurt a little. Even if I hit as hard as a punishment spanking, at only five minutes it would only be half as severe.

As though it read my mind, a rubber paddle fell off the shelf after I had Lion all strapped in. It was the thin one. I took advantage of that and swatted inside his crack. For the most part, I didn’t hit very hard. I let the weight of the paddle do most of the work. I did, however, throw in quite a few harder swats for good measure. Overall, I think it came out somewhere between a non-punishment and punishment spanking. He felt it afterwards, but not too long.

Once we had dinner figured out and I’d taken things out of the freezer, we moved into the office. I brought in the Magic Wand and off we went. Literally. I worried about my weenie going numb with all the vibrations concentrated near the tip, but I know the vibrations don’t work anywhere else. When I’ve tried to let the Magic Wand wander over his balls, he tells me vibrations don’t work there. I know. It doesn’t really help when I pinch his boobies either, but I still do it. I try not to go from zero to sixty, but it’s difficult when he reacts so strongly. He was hard almost immediately.

Still, it took a while to get him all revved up. I watched his toes and his balls for confirmation. He face goes through too many contortions on the way to orgasm. However, I can always tell when he’s close based on his toes pointing and his balls shrinking up. He also has a tendency to buck harder. And then he was over the edge. The Magic Wand for the win.

It was quite an eventful night for Lion.