Lion doesn’t immediately get hard when his hands are restrained. It took some Velcro and the Magic Wand to get him fully excited. I decided to mix the two sensations to see which would win and how he handled it. I was pretty sure the Magic Wand would win. Velcro does not stop Mr. Weenie. I even put all four strips of Velcro on him. He always says only the first strip hurts. I thought the vibrations would make the others hurt too. Bingo! Nothing like having a theory, doing an experiment, and having a concrete outcome.

After I removed the Velcro I edged him with the Magic Wand. As I stopped just short of orgasm, I moved the vibrator to his balls. He says it doesn’t affect his balls, but then again, he said a vibrator never affected him in the past. Things change. I’m not sure it really did affect him, but I didn’t want the vibrations to go away completely just because I stopped edging. I wanted the continuous sensation. Even though it wasn’t intense anymore, it was still in the neighborhood.

I did manage to sufficiently frustrate him again. Lion keeps telling me I can give him an orgasm if I want to. I know that. I don’t want to. I’m forcing myself to wait, too. I may not have willpower when it comes to food, but I’m trying to have some when it comes to giving him orgasms. I guess I’m on a sort of orgasm diet, if you will. Lion doesn’t mind if I fall off that wagon, I’m sure.