From Hand To Mouth And Beyond

Things have been very quiet here. Mrs. Lion fondles me under the covers every night. I don’t understand why, but this almost never gets me hard. Maybe the angle is wrong. It very rarely works. It may be a product of the thousands of handjobs I received over the last ten years. I can’t figure it out. If Mrs. Lion jerks me off on the massage table, she gets good results. On the other hand, er…mouth, oral sex works almost every time.

It’s been a very long time since we’ve had vaginal sex. Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself. I keep hoping she will try anyway. She can still have orgasms, but she says that she doesn’t care about having them. Maybe we should try anyway. She won’t come during vaginal sex, but I can always get her off with my mouth. It might be worth a test flight or two. Yum! Maybe next time she comes out of the shower, I can pounce.

Speaking of pouncing, things have been very low energy here. From my end, it’s usually late by the time Mrs. Lion gets around to me. I’m cozy and sleepy. I know this is an old song, but sex needs to be earlier before I get sleepy. Maybe just before or just after my shower would work better. The massage table seems a better location for play. Our bed is a split-king. It’s two single beds next to one another. We got it when I had shoulder surgery. Each side can go up and down as desired. That made it easier for me to rest after surgery.

We always had king-sized beds and it was much easier to be close. I wonder if our current configuration isn’t at least partially involved in our problems. Replacing our current setup would be prohibitively expensive. I suppose the massage table is the best we can do for now.

I admit that I’ve been less than enthusiastic. I am not looking forward to an IcyHot racing stripe from my anus to my penis. I’m never happy about 20 minutes of fiery balls and perineum. Ginger up my butt (figging) is hot, but not as bad. Speaking of that, I did some reading and learned that if the heat from the ginger starts to fade, peeling a layer off of the root will refresh its effect. Just saying. Ginger can be applied while I’m on my back if my knees are up.

For no reason I can detect, our readership has doubled in the last few days. Usually upticks like this are due to either Google rejiggering their search algorithm or some website linking to us. I can’t find any evidence of either. In the past, when this happened, readership would go down after a short time. The last jump has stayed for several months. Maybe this one will too. Anyway, it feels good to know that more people are reading the blog. Thanks!