erection with velcro strips around it

Lion and I read each other’s posts before they’re published. He generally writes his in the afternoon the day before it goes live. I read his post for this morning just before he went for his shower yesterday afternoon. I’d decided to set up the massage table based on what he wrote. Then he said he wasn’t looking for any activity since his tummy was off. Bummer.

We were having a wind storm and the lights were flickering. Last wind storm, Lion suggested I drag the generator out in case the power went out after dark. I wouldn’t be fighting to get the generator out of the shed in the dark. That windstorm wound up fizzling out, so I never did take his suggestion. This time, with the lights flickering, I did drag it out. In the end, we never lost power. Probably because I had things ready. Now I need to drag it back into the shed. Bummer again.

This morning, Lion reminded me it’s punishment day. I didn’t swat him Saturday because I knew he’d be getting football swats Sunday. I didn’t swat him Monday for the same reason. I told him he should probably get some swats tonight. He figured he would. He might also get some massage table time. I didn’t tell him about that. I’ll have to see how his tummy feels.

I have been waiting for him to warm up after his shower before we go into his office to play. Since we have a heater in there now, I don’t think we have to wait. I’ll turn on the heater when I set up the massage table, and we should be good to go.

Lion does not want to choose from the box o’fun anymore. It doesn’t matter if I do or not. If I’m out of ideas, as usual, I can pick something while he’s in the shower. He doesn’t need to know if I’ve gotten the idea all by myself or if I had to pick. It will be my little secret.

I was just thinking about one of my more devious ideas. Velcro. Lion hates it. Because of this, I stopped using it. I even used “his” Velcro to help hold together the dog’s fence when I couldn’t find zip ties. I think it’s high time we started it again.

Which is worse, my pet? Velcro or IcyHot.

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