From what I can see, very few women go out of their way to do the sort of things we want. No woman ever initiated male chastity. It’s like anal sex, women just don’t ask for it. That isn’t to say all women don’t enjoy anal sex, some do, like Mrs. Lion. It’s just that it isn’t what they ask for.

After nine years of male chastity and writing about it, I’m confident that virtually all male chastity is initiated by men wanting to be locked up. Women don’t think about things like that. Mrs. Lion certainly didn’t. She also never thought about spanking me in any context, much less domestic discipline. I asked for that too. I was very lucky that she agreed to do both.

That brings me to my central point: Just because she agreed to do these things didn’t mean that she particularly liked doing them. Mrs. Lion didn’t mind locking my penis in a male chastity device. She made (makes) it clear that she doesn’t understand why I would want it, but went along anyway. It took her years to get to the point where she didn’t actively dislike punishing me. She is my disciplinary wife because I asked her to take that role. I’m pretty sure that she continues because she knows that it’s important to me. I’m not sure if she would stop if I asked. I’m absolutely sure that she doesn’t like spanking me. At this point, she doesn’t mind beating me. It doesn’t bother her any more than vacuuming the rug. It’s work that has to be done. She is equally unenthusiastic about BDSM. She does it sometimes because it turns me on. It isn’t fun for her.

In a perfect world, she would enjoy my sexual frustration and get a little thrill out of spanking me or doing BDSM play. That would be an incentive to do those things that came from inside her. I would feel a lot better about asking for these things if I thought she liked them, even a little. She doesn’t.

If I’m not careful, I could ruin things. No matter how much I want Mrs. Lion to enjoy, even a little, these activities, she’s not going to. She isn’t wired that way. If I try to push her into trying, I’ll frustrate her and we will risk losing what we have now. I’m the one who needs to realize that I’m getting everything I want. I have to remind myself that’s more than almost anyone else gets. Mrs. Lion doesn’t have to get off on doing this stuff. I’m grateful that she does it.

She wouldn’t have kept things up all these years if, on some level, it didn’t work for her. I don’t need to understand why she keeps it up. I have to remember to thank her and be grateful for all that I have.

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