Wind, Wind Stay Away

As Lion said, we had a power failure yesterday. We both get testy when the power goes out. It takes a bit of oomph to get the generator started. Then I have to connect all the power cords to various areas to make sure the fridge, freezer, my office area (with network stuff) and the bedroom have power. Lion used the royal “we” when stating what the next step was. I hate the royal “we”. “We” is me in most cases. “We” were working as fast as “we” could. I snapped at him.

Later on, with the UPS beeping at me, I unplugged the power cord for my office area and plugged it into a different part of the extension cord coming from the generator, not thinking that would change anything else. For whatever reason, it freaked out the TV remote and interrupted Lion’s TV viewing pleasure. (In all fairness, he has nothing else to do during a power failure.) He snapped at me for that.

It turns out, and I probably knew this when the power went out well over a year ago, there are two “sides” to the generator power and I had everything plugged into one side, so things were unbalanced. Once I plugged the refrigerator into the side opposite the freezer and Lion got his TV going again, all was right with the world.

The power eventually came on, and I had to undo all the power connections. Today we’re under a wind advisory and I’m hoping the power doesn’t go out again. I can’t deal with all the crawling around again.

Yesterday was punishment day. I wasn’t about to add spanking to the list. Theoretically, I should spank Lion for snapping at me. However, there were extenuating circumstances. He’ll probably say it’s one of those times that he should be punished. He’s probably right. However, I’ve made my decision.

Thanks to Tylenol, I was less achy and attempted to play with Lion. We were under the blankets and I know that doesn’t usually work for him, but I use it to gauge his horniness. If he shows any interest I know I should keep going. He didn’t show much interest and then told me I know that position doesn’t work for him. Okay then.

Tonight, I have to pick up some prescriptions for Lion. I was going to do it yesterday, but the power failure screwed up the whole day. If Lion comes with me, we’ll grab dinner. If not, I’ll grab dinner and bring it home. Maybe after that, I can get Lion’s motor running out from under the blankets. He “complained” about not getting a blow job last night. I told him he doesn’t always get blow jobs. Perhaps he will tonight.