We had a quiet Christmas so far. On Christmas Eve, we played the NFL game. I got eight swats for every point scored, plus eight when our quarterback was sacked. Each touchdown really hurt, especially when Mrs. Lion hit a still-sore spot from my spanking last Wednesday. By the end of the fourth quarter, the bottom of my butt felt like rough leather. Football players aren’t the only ones who get painful injuries during a game. The rest of the evening was quiet, with no sexual attention.

Christmas weekend is normally a quiet one for the blog. Many of our readers are busy with family and holiday celebrations. While it is just the two of us, we are having our traditional Christmas dinner. We’ll roast a turkey breast, and make stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and mashed potatoes. I like sweet potatoes, and Mrs. Lion prefers mashed. We’ll sit at the table, stuffing our faces and listening to Christmas music. Being with Mrs. Lion is the greatest gift I have ever received.

Like any couple, kinky or not, most of our time is spent doing non-sexual things. Most of the sexual stuff is also indistinguishable from what vanilla couples do. The reason I mention this is that it seems many guys who look for a keyholder/partner focus on what is ultimately the least important reason not to connect with a woman.

I understand how important wearing a male chastity device feels to a guy who has been seeking a keyholder for years. The problem is that there are damn few women who even think about locking up a man’s penis, much less doing it. Searching for that sexual unicorn is almost bound to fail. There is nothing in it for a woman to lock up her partner. All those fantasies about how being locked turn a man into a housecleaning sex slave may be exciting to the guys reading it. I’ve yet to meet a woman who has ever wanted that.

Here is my unsolicited advice. Try to find a partner you like and could love. If, over time, she learns to love you, she may be willing to gently test out your kink. Try to back off the obsessive nature that most frustrated guys display when they’ve been dreaming of a kink for a long time. Please realize that even couples like us, who are deeply into our power exchange, act like a vanilla couple most of the time. In the end, what will make a relationship last has nothing to do with kink. It’s all about how wonderful it feels to be together with or without sex.

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  1. I recall seeing on a documentary years ago, where the men, living in in the jungle areas in New Guinea, were wearing a “penis sheath” and nothing else. It was maybe one foot long, tubular in shape, maybe 1 inch in diameter, covering his penis but extending in an upward “alert” position held by strings going around his neck. They would walk around, hunt and do daily chores with tubular device sticking up from his waist. It had to be uncomfortable.
    But other penis sheaths were more of a penis purse that would allow them to store money. Apparently the New Guinea government has tried to stop the practice, whether or not it’s worked, I don’t know.
    Perhaps the desire of men in our culture to inadvertently adopt the chastity device is man’s primal desire to “show off” his genitalia with a chastity device – but keep it in the family. We allow our women to help justify our desire by having them take charge of the key, telling them that they now have total control over regular intercourse and masturbation. Personally, I have only had one real key holder although four other women have witnessed my devices. One said it was very cool, the others didn’t really care.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure that I think the motive for wearing a chastity device is the same as the New Guinea penis tube. Your experience with women and your device seems pretty typical. I never got the sense that Mrs. Lion particularly cared about me wearing a male chastity device. She supported it because it was something I wanted. I don’t think women, in general, are particularly invested in our penises. I know that Mrs. Lion likes mine, but I doubt she spends much time thinking about it. Her posts bear this out.

  2. First like you and Mrs. Lion a happy New Year and looking forward to reading 2023 blogs but like to touch on the blog
    Yearning Male Chastity and the last paragraph (what will make a relationship last has nothing to do with kink. It’s all about how wonderful it feels to be together with or without sex.) 41 years in April 2023 of marrage and yes, we have both share our bad times and good times, Vanilla couple we are in a lot of sense Mrs. 472 is very vanilla but is willing to try new things once in why but for me Iam the explorer and very open to a lot of sexually acts have been since my late teens and twenties, for me yearning male chastity started in my fifties with 8years of chastened in April next year 2023 it is to me a long-term commitment and yes still feels like Iam self-chastity Mrs. 427 still does her bit to insure to chastity. Understanding my commitment took her a long time to learn and come to the realization its practice not only to a wife and a keyholder point of view.
    But for those seeking not only to a partner or a keyholder and this been male or female and other gender titles yearning male chastity needs to be researched in its all aspects too (why, who for this been a full-time partner keyholder too online or in person, the period short /long term wear. How do I communicatee this yearning.
    Wish all a happy New Year

    1. Author

      Happy New Year to you and your wife. Good luck with your ongoing male chastity.

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