Christmas Bounty

Wow! Lion got me some really nice stuff for Christmas. I feel bad for “only” getting him the opera subscription. Short of whisking him away to New York every few weeks, the subscription is the only way I know to let him see the opera he loves. The local opera is fine, but there’s nothing like the Met. I’ll just have to find more presents for him to even things out a little more. Luckily, I don’t ever need a reason to give things to Lion. I surprise him with things all the time. One thing that wasn’t a surprise is the 424 swats he got during our football spanking game.

Our team lost, but they stayed in it far longer than I thought they would. They lost on a last second field goal. Lion got eight swats per point, plus eight swats for each of the two sacks on our quarterback. I don’t know how he would have fared in a five-minute punishment day spanking. I don’t usually count the swats for that. I started out with a rubber paddle but switched to leather after the first score. I can’t imagine how sore he would have been if I’d stuck with rubber. It was bad enough with leather. I may have been holding back during punishment day swats with leather, but I didn’t for the football swats. I haven’t heard a report, but I bet he has some sore spots on top of sore spots left over from his real punishment the other day.

In a little while, we’ll put our turkey breast in the oven. I baked some sweet potatoes a little while ago for his sweet potato casserole. We’ll have our yummy Christmas dinner and then, if we aren’t too full, have some Christmas fun. A weenie needs a Christmas present too.