Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas. Mrs. Lion gave me my gift a little early. She was concerned that I wouldn’t get it in time. I love it! It means a lot to me. I love opera. In years long gone by, I had a subscription to the Metropolitan Opera. A couple of months ago, Mrs. Lion mentioned that the Met had a streaming service. It was too expensive at the time, and I forgot about it. She didn’t. My present is a year’s subscription to the streaming service. What an amazing gift! I’m writing this post on Christmas Eve, so I don’t want to give away what I got Mrs. Lion. I hope she likes her presents.

Today (Christmas Eve) our team is playing football. Mrs. Lion announced that we would be playing our NFL game. I receive eight swats for each point scored in the game. I also get eight if our quarterback gets sacked. She said that I might also get my Saturday punishment day swats as well. It depends on my football spanks. Wouldn’t you rather watch an opera, Mrs. Lion? I didn’t think so.

Mrs. Lion waxed me on Friday. I’m hairless again She’s gotten very good as a waxer. She’s learned how to control the temperature of the wax so that it doesn’t burn my balls when she applies it. I seem to have less hair. Some follicles have apparently given up the ghost. That also makes it easier to wax me. Practice makes perfect.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We both hope you have a happy holiday.


  1. Mr. Lion. Merry Christmas to you and to Mrs. Lion. I do enjoy reading your Blog. I enjoy because I find it interesting and, some may disagree, intelligently written. As I said in a previous comment, I am not into DD, but enjoy male chastity and find your well written blogs as to the “who” and “why” wear these devices.
    I have been acting as my own key holder for the past four years, but I would prefer another woman to accept that position. I had a coffee break with a former girlfriend, who has been divorced twice and is now single, if she would be willing to take charge of my key. Her answer was NO. Maybe next year will be more fruitful and she will accept.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your good wishes. Maybe consider just having fun with this woman without male chastity. Who knows? Maybe she will change her mind after a while.

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