Christmas Came Early

I won’t say we’ve been trapped in the house for days because we probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere anyway, but it’s been a snowy, icy mess for days. The power keeps flickering. I assume it’s all the ice and snow melting off trees and hitting the power lines. It could even be branches hitting the lines. It’s 45 degrees right now. We still have an ice storm warning in effect, but I think that’s probably more prevalent in the higher altitudes. I hope the power doesn’t go out. Not only do we have a football game to watch, but I also don’t want to drag the generator out.

Lion got waxed yesterday, as promised. He had hair in all the usual places. I didn’t bother with his back. There’s not much there. I got the patch that tickles my nose. After I cleaned him up, I doused my weenie in oil and gave him a hand job. He got hard, but we didn’t get any further. I didn’t think we would. It hasn’t been that long since his last orgasm. An oily weenie is a tradition though.

I gave Lion his Christmas present yesterday. I wasn’t sure how long the Metropolitan Opera would take to process my gift subscription. It is the weekend after all. Now he can listen to any opera they have available for streaming, and he can do it from the comfort and convenience of bed. No need to don the tuxedo. No need to hire the limo. Just snuggle in and watch Pagliacci or the Magic Flute. Surprised I know some operas? Yeah, me too. I couldn’t tell you which ones I’ve seen, but I do know some names. (I assume those are actual names and not just characters.)

Lion worried that he should give me my present yesterday. I didn’t really know he was getting me anything until he yelled not to open an Amazon box that came the other day. I can wait to receive a present. It’s more difficult for me to wait to give a present. I’ve been known to give him his present in October. Then, of course, I have to give him something else closer to Christmas. Oh well. The more presents the merrier.