Back to Square One

I finally made it home at 11 pm local time. That was 1 am for me. I’d planned on taking a shower to wash the airplane smell off, but I was too tired. Then Lion said I was too perfumy. I guessed I was taking a shower anyway. This morning, Lion asked what was on the agenda for the day. I said I’d planned on waxing him, but I wasn’t sure I was up for it. He said he needs to be waxed and it shouldn’t take too long. I guess I’m waxing him today. I have to do some work on the gardens and get the garbage ready to put out Monday night. I should do laundry. What’s for dinner? And there’s a football game later. Will we play the spanking game? I don’t really feel like it, but I’m sure Lion wants to so I guess we will. [Lion — I’m happy to skip it :)]

Maybe we can push the waxing until tomorrow. If it doesn’t take that long, I should be able to do it after work. That gets one thing off my plate today. Not that I have too much to do. I’ve just been on the go since Thursday morning, and it would be nice to take a little while to do nothing. Or less than everything all at once, at least.

I read Lion’s posts while I was gone, even if I didn’t have time to write my own. He explained, probably for the umpteenth time, why he likes what he likes and why he likes it how he likes it. From my point of view, I think it takes more control for him to be unrestrained while I punish him. I guess he agrees with me, but he’d rather be restrained. Similarly, it’s not so much what I do with him while he’s restrained, so much as the fact that he is restrained. I’m not sure I could simply restrain him and just watch TV with him. I think there needs to be something else going on. I know I can put a butt plug in and leave it for a while without doing anything else. He feels it every time he moves. But the restraints are like a blindfold: it’s sexy and heightens the suspense, but there has to be something to be suspenseful for. I think that’s where I get lost. I’m not sure what to do with him after he’s restrained or blindfolded. Sure, I could jerk him off or ties his balls or use IcyHot, but I can do that without restraining him. I didn’t realize, and I’m sure he’s told me, that the appetizer (restraining him) is sometimes more exciting than the main course. [Lion — That’s right! Anything while restrained is exciting, especially being jerked off.]

Along the same lines, I thought it was exciting for him to pick from the box o’fun because he was sealing his own fate. “Ha ha! Look what you picked. It’s all your fault. You did it to yourself.” Nope. He wants me to pick, so I have the power. Of course, I have the power to make him pick from the box o’fun, but apparently, that doesn’t work. After all this time, you’d think I’d have figured things out, but no. In my defense, I thought I had figured things out. I didn’t think we actually thought alike. I just didn’t know my understanding of making him do things was so vastly different from his understanding. This is why I feel discouraged sometimes.

[Lion — No need to feel discouraged. You know exactly what to do; and you do it well. The adjustment is understanding how I perceive the power exchange and adjusting to maximize your effect.]