Apparently, I have Friday-itis. I’m having a hard time remembering how to do things at work. I know I was missing certain steps so I asked the trainer to go through things with me again. Afterwards, I was able to do it on my own, but realized (after I hit send, of course) that I still missed one thing. At this point, I don’t know enough about things to know if the person I sent it to can just figure it out and go from there or if I am colossally screwing things up. I do know I have some responses back, but I’m waiting till Monday for that rude awakening. So far, my boss and the trainers are chalking things up to three of us being newbies and mistakes will happen. So far.

On the home front, I offered to cut Lion’s hair last night. He mentioned that his hair is over his ears. I haven’t cut my hair in over twenty-four years, so it’s always over my ears. Lion knew I was trying to work extra hours to make up for leaving early today. He has a doctor appointment. He asked if he looked raggy enough to warrant a haircut. He never looks raggy to me, so the haircut will wait.

When I was done with work, I brought the box o’fun to Lion for him to choose. He picked regular clothespins. Lucky. Regular clothespins are fairly easy to take. I set up the massage table and proceeded to pinch him with a bunch of clothespins. Of course, I rubbed my weenie with my unintentionally cold hands before I put any clothespins on. He wasn’t getting particularly hard so I sucked him a bit. That did the trick.

I alternated between jerking, sucking and applying clothespins. There are a few spots that are sensitive to being pinched. It’s easy to find them. I always make sure to yank on those more than the others. He definitely liked the sucking more than the jerking, but I’m at a weird angle when he’s on the massage table. Maybe tonight, after I’ve done whatever he picks out do the box o’fun, I can bring him back into the bedroom for phase two of the festivities.

Last night’s phase two was his punishment day swats. While I was playing with him, I informed him I hadn’t forgotten about that. He said he had. Too bad. If I remember, it happens. I don’t think he felt it for very long anyway.

I’m looking forward to tonight. Not so much for the box o’fun, but for phase two. I love sucking Lion.

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