Things are back to normal with our pup. She’s up to her normal antics. It’s very good to have her feeling well again. Mrs. Lion said she wants to try to fix things. I appreciate her willingness. My mood hasn’t improved. It isn’t her fault. I seem to have lost my enthusiasm. I don’t like my writing. How could I? Not one agent even requested my manuscript. I can’t bring myself to start a third novel. I’ve been trying, but I’m not having any luck.

It isn’t completely desperate. One acquisition editor suggested that a book about one of the more minor characters in my latest book would be more marketable. So far, my muses aren’t offering any viable ideas on how to do that. That doesn’t help my mood. I don’t mean to whine to you.

Anyway, Mrs. Lion has the Box O’Fun again. It was a little too late when Mrs. Lion wanted me to pick a card. I’m hoping I get another chance soon. Well, hope isn’t exactly the right word. She’s written something rather unpleasant on each card. It’s a little like picking a “Chance” card in Monopoly. I might pick, “Get a racing stripe on your balls with IcyHot” or “Tiny clothespins on your cockhead.” You get the idea. Still, it’s exciting to seal my fate randomly.

The other night, Mrs. Lion began sitting on the edge of the bed to be in position to jerk me off. I asked her to stop. That configuration doesn’t work well for either of us. That’s why we got the massage table. Being invited to get on the massage table is exciting in itself. I know what it means–something sexual. True, it might be a racing strip on my balls, but it is sex. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m so fond of bondage. It’s a dramatic coming attraction for fun.

One of the things I don’t think Mrs. Lion fully appreciates is how important those leadups are to me. Teasing and edging are forms of this activity. One of the changes I’ve noticed over the years is that I need to be intensely focused on sex before anything happens. Two things have happened as I’ve aged. The first is that my refractory period has lengthened. It’s gone from twenty minutes in my teens to a day or two now. The second is that it takes me longer to “get in the mood.” I think of it as focus. I have to change gears and become receptive.