It was recently pointed out to me that one reason I get less feedback for my posts is that my presentation is too confrontational and scares off people who might want to participate. This might be true. As a writer, I want to clearly state what I’m discussing. Our blog isn’t meant to be a discussion forum where we present topics for conversation. On the other hand, we never intend to propose that we have the final answer about anything. If you read back over our posts, you’ll see that both of us have changed positions many times as we evolve.

Let’s face it, the main topics we write about are considered kinks by the vast majority of people. Very few people write about it. Some who do, have almost religious beliefs in one aspect or another. For example, some spanking enthusiasts (spankos) believe the defunct Disciplinary Wive’s Club website is the authority on disciplining husbands. I like a lot of the material on that site. Some have been very helpful to us. However, it isn’t the final authority on marital spanking. A lot of the content is highly sexual, and while fun to read, it isn’t exactly objective instruction on domestic discipline.

There’s nothing wrong with that. DWC is another blog that contains the unmoderated opinions of its owner. We are the same. What we write here represents our views on the topics we discuss. No editorial board oversees what you read. We honestly discuss what we know and learn about our subject matter.

This begs the point about style. If my writing style doesn’t open the door to discussion, I’m very sorry. I value every comment we get. I have learned from our readers. For the record, I don’t consider myself the ultimate authority on anything. I learn new things every day. It is my goal to share those things with you. The key word is “share.” Maybe we need a warning at the top of the blog that the material here represents our opinions and descriptions of what works for us. Mrs. Lion and I don’t pretend to know what is best for you.

Listen to this post.


  1. Good points. Some of your commenters also have come across as very “one way” over the years. What works for some will not work for others. We all borrow things that appeal to us and that helps to create variety. No one is the definitive authority.

    1. Author

      You are right. There is no “right way” for any of this stuff. Do what works for you. I’ll try to be more sensitive to this going forward.

  2. HI Mr. and Mrs. CL:

    Just a quick note, that I personally think it would be good idea to place some type of banner at the top of your blog addressing a few issued:

    (1) Like you said, this is your personal blog and your personal opinions, and that while you consider yourself experienced, that does not mean you have the “Ultimate Answer(TM)” to anyone else’s reletionship;

    (2) That you welcome respectful comments and differences of opinion (similar to “Disciplined Hubby ‘Dan’s'”) invitation;

    (3) A reminder that readers can comment anonymously simply by using an nonsense/imaginary/defunct email address, provided it is correction formatted as an email address (i.e., XXXX@yyyy.zzz).

    1. Author

      Good advice. Thank you. Currently, our blog software doesn’t let me put a message in front of the comments section. I wish it would allow us. I’ve changed the comment settings to not require names or email addresses. I’m not sure how that will work for us. Thanks for joining the family!

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