Bad Day for Football

I decided before we sat down to watch football that I didn’t want to play our football game. It’s a good thing. The Giants lost. They looked horrible. Not only that, but the quarterback was sacked a few times. Spanking on top of the loss would have added insult to injury. I guess that’s always a risk. Did I have some premonition about the game? Nope. Based on the win-loss record, our team should have won. However, I did think it was going to be a struggle. Most of the other teams they’ve played have had worse records, and our team barely won. I don’t know what made me not want to play the game, but I bet Lion is happy about it. [Lion — Yes I am!]

I spent the morning trying to figure out flights, hotel, and rental car for a trip in December to see my son graduate as a physician’s assistant. He’s in the army, and he’ll almost immediately be shipped off to Hawaii for the remainder of his training. I know. The sacrifices he has to make. Sunshine. Surfing. It’s terrible, but he and his wife are strong. They can handle it.

Yesterday, I wrote about Lion’s new rule. I haven’t figured out exactly how to apply it. Do all comments count? There was a lady on The Price is Right whose boobs bounced when she ran down from her seat. It looked like she’d knock herself out. Was I wrong to say that? Would Lion be wrong to say it? These kinds of rules bother me. It’s a judgment call. Who am I to judge? If I wait for Lion to really piss me off, then I tend to be too pissed off to want to do anything about it. It’s stupid, I know. Of course, this means he goes unpunished. I may be better off with the rule about leaving the kitchen light on. That requires less judgment. It’s either on or off.

[Lion — Is the kitchen light a rule? Yes, it’s easier to enforce. The other rule is more challenging but also more useful for both of us. My answer to Mrs. Lion’s question about how to enforce any rule is to punish any infraction no matter how small. There’s no other way either of us will learn.]