I am a sucker when it comes to giving Lion orgasms. I mean that both literally and figuratively. I want him to have orgasms. And I want to suck him. This works out wonderfully for Lion. He is more than happy to indulge me.

We still didn’t do any BDSM. I’m not sure Lion minds that for now. He’s just happy to be getting attention. Once I get myself back in that mode, we can branch out to BDSM. I’m not falling for the trap of him not being interested in sex the day after an orgasm. I’ll snuggle over close to him later and let my hand scope out the horniness level. If he responds, we’ll go from there. If he doesn’t, at least I got to feel him up.

At some point today, I’ll look for the Box O’Fun. For now, I want to remove the anal play cards. We haven’t done it consistently and I don’t think it’s fair for me to start jamming things in him if he’s not ready. I’ll check out all the cards to make sure they’re things we can do. I don’t remember what’s on every card. We should still have enough to make things interesting. If not, we can add more.

Yesterday, Lion didn’t set up the coffee pot. Oh, boy! He’s in trouble! Nah. We changed the filters in our reverse osmosis setup and neither one of us thought to fill the coffee pot before we drained the system. When we were done, we had to fill it and drain it a few times to get the filters activated and the hoses cleaned out. We decided I’d put the coffee pot together this morning. It’s no big deal. There were extenuating circumstances that kept him from doing it before 5. He wound up doing it before bed anyway because he didn’t want me to have to deal with it. Was he trying to earn points for the next time he forgets something? I don’t know. I’ve never said he could bank good will toward future transgressions.

[Lion — I’m not that devious. I didn’t want Mrs. Lion to have to set up the coffee when she is tired and not all that alert yet.]

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