We are about 100 posts from our 6000th. I don’t have any way to check, but I believe we have the most posts in personal blogs. If not, it doesn’t matter. I’m pretty proud of this. Mrs. Lion and I have managed to chronicle the last nine years of our lives. We have both changed a lot in that time.

Time has been both a friend and an enemy. We’ve become comfortable with domestic discipline, orgasm control, and BDSM. We do things that a lot of people find extreme. We don’t. What we do works for us and our marriage. We’ve been together about twenty years. It feels like time has zoomed by. It also feels like we have been together forever.

I suppose that nine years of male chastity and the other stuff we do makes us sort of experts. That makes our writing more helpful to our readers. Speaking of readers, we get a lot of them. I like that. I’m also a little embarrassed. More people have seen my penis and ass than almost every porn star. Does that make me an exhibitionist? Maybe.

Right now, we are trying to become more consistent with BDSM. Mrs. Lion is nearly perfect when it comes to domestic discipline, but not so much with BDSM and sex. She wants to improve. I’ve made a few suggestions. So far, she hasn’t done anything. I think that if she thinks about or looks at my penis more frequently. Like most women, her eyes almost never drift down there.

I’m sure we will figure it out. You can be sure that one or both of us will let you know about our progress. In the meantime, we’re having fun.

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