She Spanks Me Just Because She Wants To

If you saw Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“Just Because He Needed a Red Butt“), you learned that she spanked me. It was a true “just because” spanking. We agreed that I didn’t misbehave or break any rules. Sixteen unspanked days had gone by, and I needed a reminder of who was in charge. It was a painful reminder I couldn’t ignore.

Some people wonder why Mrs. Lion gives me “just because” spankings. It may seem unfair to give me a full-on punishment spanking when I did nothing to earn it. For a long time, Mrs. Lion felt that way. She didn’t like spanking me even if I broke a rule. The idea of doing it when I was innocent seemed wrong to her.

Over time, she stopped feeling bad when she spanked me. Paddling my bottom became no different than changing the sheets on the bed. It was work and nothing more. That made it much easier to deliver “just because” spankings. Yes, she had to drag out the spanking bench and then spend at least ten minutes beating me. It took time and effort. Nothing more.

There was nothing emotional about it. Mrs. Lion is willing to do work when needed. We both understand that this particular work is needed whenever my behavior slips. We’ve also learned that our disciplinary relationship benefits if not too much time goes by between spankings. Every couple of weeks or so seems to be the longest I should go without being spanked.

While spanking me has become an unemotional activity for Mrs. Lion, it’s a very painful ordeal for me. As she lost the emotional investment in spanking me, she’s gained experience and skill. My ten-minute spankings feel like hours to me. I yelp from beginning to end. It’s impossible for me to imagine that I’m in charge when I have to meekly accept spankings whenever Mrs. Lion wants to administer them.

That’s the central value of our domestic discipline. It isn’t that I’m turned into a house cat. It’s that my lioness can spank me whenever she wants, even if she has no reason to do it other than wanting to spank me. The “just because” spanking is real-life proof of that. Mrs. Lion decided that it was time that I get spanked. Her choice, no reason needed. If she decides I need another spanking tonight, I’ll get one. She might. She has a newish long leather strap she wants to practice using.