Her Favorite Charity

Sex is difficult when only one partner wants it. No matter how much goodwill exists, the non-sexual partner is rendering service with no direct reward of its own. This is our situation. It isn’t that Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to do things for me. It’s much subtler. She wants me to feel good and be happy. But she doesn’t see the point in acting unless I’m in the mood at the time.

If she got something from the transaction, she would be motivated to put me in the mood. That would increase the chances of fun for both of us. She used to complain that I didn’t do things to turn her on before sex. She was right. I wasn’t very good at it. Now that the tables are turned, she is even worse than me. [Mrs. Lion — I doubt that.]

Mrs. Lion doesn’t innovate. I decided that we needed to try new ways to facilitate play. I suggested and ordered the massage table. In the past, she said that the waxing table was a good place to jerk me off. I agreed. She continued to use the table as a storage area. Making it accessible once every six weeks or so was the limit of activity for that option. I ordered a new table that we could easily set up. Mrs. Lion has set it up three times. Excellent. My point is that she could have thought of this. She’s very inventive. The problem was no incentive.

Over the years, I’ve come up with ideas that would help build continuity. One was to train me to accept pegging. My thought was that if we scheduled sexual activity, we would build habits. It didn’t work. Some of the time, she was not feeling up to it. Other times I didn’t want it. If Mrs. Lion isn’t feeling up to something, that’s a good reason to postpone. Me not being in the mood is a terrible one.

Her position is that if I don’t want something that is being done for/to me, she shouldn’t do it. Well, I can’t decide that I don’t want to be punished. Why do I get to decide about sex? Like it or not, Mrs. Lion has to be the active partner. Lack of innovation or enthusiasm tells me that she isn’t all that interested. Why should she be? There’s nothing in it for her.

The problem is that there’s a lot in it for me. If she liked sex, I could get her turned on and encourage her to be active. There’s no incentive now. I’m her favorite charity.


  1. Wow, good luck Lions. I have decided to spent all my time and energy (which is not that much) to doing things that please my wife (Mistress T) like make the bed as soon as she is up, make her special breakfast to order each morning, wash her bras by hand, do all the laundry, make dinner (I’m half Italian so I like to cook), rub her feet and legs with organic avocado oil on demand, manicure her toenails, and now we are doing the “10” each morning, it has been working out well and I’m locked and horny/happy 24/7. At 75 I can’t complain.

    1. Author

      I’m glad you’ve found happiness.

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